Two Girls Were Stopped From Travelling At the Denver Airport For Not Wearing Appropriate Clothes

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 27 Mar,2017 Updated on 29 Aug,2017

The United Airlines of America on Sunday morning stopped two girls to travel because they were wearing leggings.

Another girl who appeared in a costume same as the two were wearing was left to travel after she changed her dress. After this incident, people on social media have shown their anger on the airlines.



This incident that took place on the flight from Denver to Minneapolis was witnessed and reported to Washington post by an activist. Shannon Watts who is the founder of moms demands action for gun sense in America, tweeted:

On the other hand United Airlines on its defense wrote, “according to the contract of carriage, we have all rights to not let passengers who do not wear proper clothes. The airlines' contract of carriage is for the safety of crew members and passengers.

People on social media stated this incident as horrible and insult of the passengers.