Twitter Roasts Donald Trump Over 'Nambia' Comments at UN

News by Riya Published on 21 Sep,2017 Updated on 21 Sep,2017

During the U.N General Assembly this Wednesday President of the USA, Donald Trump, sat with African leaders at a luncheon where he referred to a nonexistent country, Nambia. Twitter found out and wasn't having it, at all. 

Donald Trump talked about ''Nambia'' during the opening remarks and then went on to say, '' Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient'' in New York at the Palace Hotel. ''Nambia'', however, doesn't exist- the name seemed to be a collaboration of the names Zamia and Namibia which is a country in Southwestern Africa. 

President Trump at Luncheon in UN General Assembly

President Trump at Luncheon in UN General Assembly

Later, a White House transcript came out clarifying that the president was referring to Namibia. Twitter wasn't going to shut down just with the clarification, so it made trolls, here are some:

1. Tweets started flooding in right after the speech:

  2.  Twitteratis are quick at editing!

3. That's some good advice! Is it though?

4.     Did you know Nambia was famous for covefefe?

5. Don't do that!


Namibia is located to the north of South Africa for its diamonds,  stunning landscapes, and deserts. Also at the luncheon, Trump talked tremendous business potential'' in Africa.