Gold Rush's Youngest Star Parker Schnabel's Net Worth Will Surprise You!! His Income Sources And Assets

News by Bean Published on 10 Jan,2019 Updated on 10 Jan,2019

Parker Schnabel is an American TV reality star and gold miner well recognized as the prominent member of the  Discovery Channel's gold mining TV show Gold Rush.       

Parker, the young boy who got involved in gold mining at the age of 16, now, is 24 years old and has earned a hefty net worth from his gold mining career. What do you think, how much is his net worth? How has he managed his worth? If you want to know be sure to go till the end...      

How Much Is Parker Schnabel's Net Worth: His Income Sources         

Parker Schnabel is estimated to have the total net worth of around $2 million. He mostly earns his income through his reality TV show featured in the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. He also accumulated from his grandfather's John Schnabel's and his gold mining business.  

In 2010, Parker debuted in the mining business as one of the subjects of the Discovery Channel show, 'Gold Rush Alaska' simply called "Gold Rush". His pays from the TV show is estimated to be around $25,000 per episode. From the show, he earns about $500k per year. 

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At a young age of 16, he took over his grandfather's day to day mining operations in Big Nugget Mine. As a newbie, in the fourth season of the show, he and his team mined an impressive 1029 ounces of gold worth of around $1.4 million.

In the leadership of Parker, he and his team dug impressive raw gold of 2538 ounces worth $3 million in the fifth season and around $3.7 million worth gold as of the sixth season. During the sixth season, his team mined staggering 3362 oz of gold, which is the highest discovered gold in the history of Gold Rush till date in a season. 

He bore a great loss in the eighth season as his beloved grandfather died and he put a bet of $600,000 washplant against Todd Hoffman. At the end of the season, Parker got a record-breaking amount of $7.2 million. In 7th season he got the gold worth of $5 million.

Currently, in season 9, Park is against the new mine boss Rick Ness and Tony. 

Parker Schnabel's Asset's And Properties: House, Car, And Pets 

Well, looking at his properties you would wish his life to be yours. He is the owner of the gold mining company, Big Nugget. He owns big and heavy loaded machines which are worth millions of dollars. 

With the net worth of $2 million, he is living auto-machined lifestyle in an extravagant mansion.

CAPTION: Parker Schnabel's mansion SOURCE: YouTube

He also owns a Gen 1 explorer which costs lists starting from $32,000 and choppers.

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He is also an animal loving guy. He pets a dog named Dozer and a cat named Simba.

Quick Facts: Parker Schnabel

  • Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, the United States to parents; father Roger Schnabel and mother Nancy Schnabel.  
  • He was having an affair with ex-girlfriend Ashley Yule
  • He starred in Gold rush along with Minnie Beets, Monica Beets