TV host, with the net worth of 20 million USD, Kathie asks Justin to get out of ''Show Business''

News by Bartle Published on 30 May,2016 Updated on 30 May,2016

The fallout from the Justin Bieber controversy continues. Looks like Justin Bieber is still not far from a lot of criticism just yet. Kathie Lee Gifford has gone to an extent to ask the singer to get out of the business. Yes, she tells Justin Bieber To 'Get Out Of Show Business' After His Post-Billboard Music Awards Instagram Rant.

On the TODAY Show, Tuesday morning, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb got around to talking about Justin's recent controversial post on Instagram. They discussed Bieber's thoughts about the Billboard Music Awards. Kathie lee who owns a $2million USD of net worth gave a piece of advice to Justin asking if he's really struggling with everything he should get out of the show business.

Kathie in the interview candidly said,"You're not supposed to be doing it for you, you're supposed to be doing it for your audience. If you want to last and have a multi-decade career as so many people do, then do everything you do for your fans. That's where you're going to get your fulfillment is serving other people and not being the center of the universe … If he's not getting the joy he says he craves from just that, maybe it's time he step back for a while and think about what might make you happier in life."

Though Bieber is NOT going to up and get out of show biz, but some of that advice that Miz Gifford is throwing around is blunt. The Justin Bieber rant has already created a lot of controversy and lot of criticisms is in store for the controversial singer. Kathie Gifford is also the owner of a total net worth of $20 million. She makes a salary of millions. She has created a lot of buzz after bashing Bieber after his comments on Billboards awards.