TV host Larry King's salary and net worth are fair to his superb journalism career

News by Clarence Published on 08 Nov,2016 Updated on 14 May,2018

Larry King is a famous TV show host who ruled The CNN's late-night Time space for 25 years and became one of the most viewed TV personality in the history of CNN. The famous American TV and radio host, Journalist, and Actor Larry was famous for his show Larry King Live which aired in 1985 up to 2010.

Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger who became famous as "Larry" is still active with his shows even after quitting CNN. The famous TV personality, in recent days, works in a web series which he started in 2012.

His recent show is called Larry King Now which still attracts a lot of traffic in web media as well as Television. The loved host covers issues of politics, paranormal occurrences, Alien Activities, celebrities talks, and much more.

Larry's Salary

King of the kings is a respected figure in Hollywood until today's date. The official Youtube channel, HULU TV, and ORA TV airs his newest shows every Monday to Thursday which accumulates the old man more than he can ever spend.

CAPTION: American Television host Larry King SOURCE: Huffington Post

Our sources confirm that he makes more than 10 thousand dollars a week from thirty-second ads linked to his videos which have more than a million views on most of his uploads. The Hulu channel which gathered Larry's fans in front of the Television earns well enough for Larry as well as for the Channel.

Larry gets a very high salary and is also entitled to more than thirty percent of the show's income according to an insider. The salary and income of the show are estimated to fill Larry's pocket pretty well. Larry knows the internet business too and owns ORA TV, a global broadcasting media aired via the internet.

Larry King's Net Worth

If a Celebrity earns $5 million a year, just assume his/her accumulation in  37 years of his successful career? Well, If you are thinking what I am thinking then be clear; Larry is filthy rich! Believe me, when I say this, Larry is richer than you, Regardless how much you make. Larry has a net worth of $150 Million. If you think that the recent divorce rumor between Larry and Shawn is going to affect his net worth then see the image below which proves they are not going to separate any sooner.

Many tabloid sites gossiped about Larry's possible divorce with his wife Shawn King, which if happened could have decreased his net worth exactly into two halves has been proved wrong after the couple posted an image in Instagram targeting the tabloids which started the rumors.

How does Larry King Spend his Money?

"Live life King Size" Just take a look at some rare collection of Larry's cars. He owns the following Cars:

  • 1957 Thunderbird
  • 1958 Impala Convertible 968 point late great Chevy
  • 1964 Mustang Convertable
  • 1959 Thunderbird convertible
  • 1961 ford Galaxy Convertable
  • 1958 Ford Retractable
  • 1965 Corvette
  • 1957 Ford Retractable Convertible
  • 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS Convertable
  • 1975 Corvette Convertable
  • 1963 Impala Convertable
  • 1958 Impala with C-kit

Every single car of his is a unique and antique piece. He just traded a Sadan and bought a Pink Hummer2.


Traded in my sedan for this new #ride. I think it suits me well, wouldn't you agree? #onatuesday #whip

A photo posted by Larry King (@larrykingnow) on


He gave a lot of fortunes away in divorce settlements too. He has been married eight times which includes a play boy's bunny too. And remember one thing "Don't ask King about his riches See for yourself", his clothes are always branded and just take a look at his shoes from Dodgers.


I've got my good luck kicks on, I'll be behind home plate soon! Let's go @dodgers

A photo posted by Larry King (@larrykingnow) on


Do you think this is a cheap converse shoe? No, they are not. It is more expensive than a middle-class men's One Day's salary. So, if you are completely jealous of the life he enjoys, and want to Rob him take this, he knows how to give back to people too.

Larry King runs a humanitarian organization called Larry King Cardiac Foundation and this year he gave away $1 million to the young students in George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs in scholarship for research on heart-related diseases as well as media development.