Trump Lands In China After Attending South Korean Assembly To Meet President Xi Jinping

News by Joey Jordan Published on 08 Nov,2017 Updated on 08 Nov,2017

President Donald Trump is in his South-east Asia, and he has just landed in China to meet the president Xi Jinping, and the meeting is supposed to be focused on trade and tensions with North Korea.

Besides all the political concerns, it would also be observed whether the president will use his favorite means of social media (Twitter) or not. After China was labeled world's worst abuser of the internet last year, Twitter, along with other western social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are banned in China.

President Donald Trump reaches China with wife Melania Trump

President Donald Trump reaches China, with wife Melania Trump

Source: BBC

Reporters asked if it means Trump would not tweet to his 42 million followers during his two-night stay in China, to which, the senior White House official said he will not avoid it.

Just before departing to China, Trump tweeted: "Leaving South Korea now heading to China. Looking very much forward to meeting and being with President Xi!"

Trump reached China in the third leg of his five-nation Asia tour which came after Tokyo and Seol, where the Chinese president has a lavish reception planned for him.

Before heading to China, Trump spoke in the South Korean national assembly which he also shared on Twitter.


According to CNN, Trump and the American first lady Melania Trump watched a traditional Peking Opera performance alongside Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan. Unlike his trip to Japan and Korea; Trump's first hours in China have been spent enjoying the country's traditional culture and history.

Trump China tour is considered as the most important part of his trip, given that believes China is central to reining in North Korea.