Tricks To Do These 5 Easy But Unnoticed Things

News by Joey Jordan Published on 28 Nov,2017 Updated on 28 Nov,2017

We often ignore some daily life activities which are habitual and easy, but we've been doing wrong. But better late than never, so let's know how to 5 interesting and unexpected things.

1. Monitoring VItals

Source: Grown Ups

To some extent, being fit and healthy depends on monitoring the vital signs besides taking balanced diet and physical exercise. Reading and understanding pulse, respiration, temperature become handy with our age, but we can establish a baseline for healthy levels and be alerting. For this, we can use wearable fitness technologies, like FitBit which tracks some of these vital stats but we can be more efficient and economic. We can keep monitoring our health condition with a thermometer, digital blood pressure cuff, and pulse oximeter.

2. Self Defense

Source: Mp USA

Strength, confidence, and alertness are those which we need to acquire to stay safe as we age, especially as older adults are being targeted by petty crime or abuse.

Self-defence (for seniors) includes everything from learning to use mobility aid to defend ourselves, like learning kung fu or martial arts. Moreover, learning mental defense tricks like controlling spikes in adrenaline and learning how to de-escalate a situation verbally are the parts of the self-defense as well.

3. Crawl

Source: Boldsky

Crawl is the latest bonafide health-boosting exercise all seniors should try. Crawling is exactly like a small kid does keeping hands and knees on the floor. It engages multiple key muscle groups as well as hone balance and coordination skills. Calories is also a great way to burn calories and loosen stiff joints and muscles. Crawling can be made more challenging by lifting knees and elbows off the ground.

4. Self-Care

When we turn old, the basic self-care may be out of our mind, but it's not like what we might think. It is doing things which benefit our mind and body that are simple, easy, and effective rarely cost a tonne of money and can give a sense of purpose and worth a big boost.

5. Use Technology

Source: CIO

Digital technologies are not only worth in communication with friends and family, but it is hugely applicable to managing health and wellness. Live video chat with family and intimate persons can reduce the feeling of loneliness in many seniors. Moreover, many smartphones have a service to keep a special place for naming emergency contacts, maintaining medicine lists, and scheduling doctor's appointment reminders.