Travis Scott Likes Dating Kylie Jenner More Than Wild Rihanna, says he and Kylie 'are the real deal??

News by Saburo Published on 06 May,2017 Updated on 04 Aug,2017

Even though Kylie Jenner and Tyga's relationship wasn't exactly ideal, it was pretty evident the couple loved each other. Kylie recently shared her black sports bra pictures on her Snapchat and Instagram. 

The family tree was pretty confusing (Tyga being Kylie's step brother's wife's ex and baby daddy, whew!), but Tyga reportedly had Kylie Jenner's name tattooed, was gifting her cars he couldn't afford and Kylie was Hanging out with Tyga's son, all in all it all looked pretty weird but sort of cute at least!

But now, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have reportedly broken up and both of them are seeing other people! Tyga was rumored to be dating Jordan Ozuna, which she's denied, but Kylie seems to be definitely dating Travis Scott, Rihanna's ex!

Travis Scott tells his friends he and Kylie Jenner 'are the real deal'?

US Weekly reports that the 25-year-old  rapper, Travis Scott has been telling his friends he and the social media star/entrepreneur Kylie are the 'real deal'.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner during Houston Rockets Game on April 25th, 2017, Source: oxygen

The fact that this news is out just a few days after Kylie Jenner was seen attending Scott's 25th birthday bash makes it so much more believable. Here are the sexiest Instagram posts of this beautiful diva Kylie Jenner, watch below the video. 

Also, the duo was seen together in the Houston Rockets Game on April 25th, 2017. Does this mean that Kylie officially has a new man in her life? There's every chance that could be true. And on a side note, it is pretty clear how Kylie Jenner likes her men, Black and who raps, just like how Kim Kardashian likes it!

Travis Scott says he likes Kylie Jenner more than he liked Rihanna?

There are some reports explaining in detail regarding how Travis Scott didn't like Rihanna's partying ways and the fact that she was so wild, however, that news with 'Insider' as sources isn't anything official or credible. however, it does seem pretty credible that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are dating.

Kylie usually posts quite a lot on Instagram, however, she's refrained from posting anything about her new beau, unlike when she was with Tyga and posted quite sensual photos of them together!

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Kylie Jenner seems has posted either Met Gala's or her promotional posts for Kylie Cosmetics lately. Anything new happens with her and her new beau, we'll keep you posted. Stay tuned!