News by Joey Jordan Published on 24 Feb,2019 Updated on 24 Feb,2019

If you are planning to visit Nepal, there can be a variety of reasons for it. It could be the beautiful series of the mountains or the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas that could attract the visitor. Some visit it for the spiritual awakening while others love to go to the historically rich city of Katmandu. Whatever is the reason for you to visit this beautiful country, you need to know what you should do and what you should visit so that your trip does not go in vain.

Not only are the places worth seeing in Nepal, but there are so many amazing and fun things that you can do in there as well. These adventures can boost up your spirit and can be the best to make your trip ever memorable. Let us have a look at the amazing activities that one can do when they visit Nepal.


Trekking is the most famous and most favorite activity of the tourists who come to visit this mesmerizing country. As there are eight of the highest summits of the world in Nepal, therefore trekking in Nepal has no parallel. With breathtaking sights only a few feet away from you, trekking is a unique experience. While you are in the city of Katmandu, the tourists can easily get to the treks of Pokhara as the tour guides and travel agents are available in excess and all are ready to give their services to the trekkers.


Other than trekking, mountain climbing is another amazing experience while you are on a tour to Nepal. Since there are so many of the majestic summits of Himalaya in Nepal, it gets difficult for the tourist to decide which one to take from climbing. As every tourist have the different capabilities of climbing and stamina, therefore the tourism authorities of Nepal have classified these heights to be easy and difficult. For the beginners, the easy ones are best while the pros can take the difficult ones. The top sites for climbing are provided by the tour guides and one can easily decide on the most desirable climbing place.

3.Cultural Tours

While you are in Nepal, you can soothe your love for culture every single moment of your stay at this amazing country has a lot to offer under the umbrella of culture from North to South and from East to West. Every single part of Nepal is rich in history, religion, belief, language and social organization and the monuments that it offers are so many that the tourists cannot get bored for a single second. The historical site, the monuments, and the sacred pilgrimage sites, all combine together to give you a rich and never forgettable tour in Nepal. You can find a variety of cultural tours in Nepal according to your pocket, the day of stay and the places you prefer to visit.

4.Short Hiking 

If you have been in Nepal for a while now and you do not have much time to go on the longer treks, yet your love for trekking and hiking is urging you to step out to those mountains one more time, short hiking can be the best idea in this case. There are five short treks that you can take for hiking and be back in no time. These are Everest Base Camp trek, Poon Hill Trek, Langtang Trek, Annapurna Base camp and Everest view trek.

5.White Water Rafting

Nature has blessed Nepal with some of the most amazing and beautiful rivers. The combination of the majestic mountains, the spectacular rivers, and the breathtaking white waters is what makes Nepal the best site for Rafting. The best suited seasons for rafting in Nepal are from September to December and from March to June, the time when the season is mild and you can enjoy rafting in the warm waters the most. You can get many trip options for Nepal ranging from the trips that combine trekking and rafting or the ones that only focus on taking you to the world’s best rafting sites in this country such as Trishuli and Bhote Koshi rivers.

6.Wildlife Tours

Not only is Nepal blessed with the beauty of the highest summits, amazing treks and spectacular rivers, the wildlife in Nepal also does not have a parallel. The adventure safari wildlife parks and the national parks are one of the best places to find the wildlife a few feet away from you. Chitwan wildlife tour and the Bardia national park safari tours are bound to get you awestruck with the beauty of the wildlife and the surroundings that make you feel that you actually are traveling in some jungle, while the guides are hospitable and generous to supply you with all the essential information as well.

7.Adventure Sports

When a country is blessed with the beauty of mountains, it can promote its tourism with the help of some amazing adventure sports as well. So if you are in Nepal, other than trekking and mountain climbing, which too are the included in this category, you can enjoy Bungy jumping and swing, Paragliding, Mountain flight, Ultra-light flight, Zip lining, Sky Diving, Mountain Biking, Canyoning and a lot more. All these sports could be found throughout Nepal so no matter which trip you are taking to Nepal, you have the benefit of enjoying any of the sports in there and love your trip. The areas of Pokhara and Everest suit best for these types of adventure sports and the season of spring that goes from March to June is the best to visit.

So we conclude that the flawless beauty of the Nepal, its exotic rivers, its elegant landscapes, extreme sports options, the lining of the lush green areas, the wildlife beauty and above all the crown of Himalaya on its head, makes it looks like a fragile Maiden that ignites the sense of enjoying the beauty of nature with challenges in you, so that you cannot suppress the urge to visit it!