Tom Cruise Performs A Halo Parachute Jump For His Role In Mission: Impossible Fallout: Becomes First Actor To Jump From 25,000ft

News by Joey Jordan Published on 04 Jun,2018 Updated on 13 Jun,2018

Paramount Pictures released the two and a half minute long clip on Sunday revealing the intensively risky jump in the United Arab Emirates.

Tom Cruise, who will turn 56 by the time of Mission: Impossible Fallout, has performed his own stunt once more setting the record for the actor to do a HALO jump for a movie.

CAPTION: Actor Tom Cruise performed a HALO jump for his new movie Mission: Impossible-Fallout SOURCE: IBTimes India

The High Altitude, Low Opening (HALO) is a technique of airdropping military personnel into hostile territory. Cruise can be seen jumping from 25,000 feet with an oxygen mask to stay conscious.

The Paramount built a huge wind tunnel for rehearsals while it created a special breathing mask prop functional for the jump to prevent Cruise from passing out.

The scene was shot by a cameraman wearing a head-mounted camera who jumped a few feet before Cruise making sure not to collide with the actor in the air.


In the end, the entire scene will only last six seconds in the upcoming movie, the sixth installment of the franchise.

Cruise successfully performed the HALO jump; however, he wasn't lucky on another stunt where he broke his ankle jumping from one building to another in January.