Tom Colicchio

Inside Biography

Tom Colicchio was born with his birth name Thomas Patrick “Tom” Colicchio. Thomas was born on August 15, 1962,

He is currently 53 years old with his age whose birthplace is in Elizabeth, New Jersey of United States. Tom is by profession a celebrity chef who is the founder of Gramercy Tavern.

About Tom's Father

Tom's father and mother's name is Beverly and Thomas Colicchio and his parents both progressively belong to Italian descent.

Since Tom's father was running his own business, therefore, he was insisting his son also join him in his work but Tom was not much interested in collaborating with his father. Later, his parents got divorced after the birth of their last children.

Tom as author

Tom is also a writer and he was written 3 books that are top-selling books across the town. Along with this, he worked in collaboration with his partner named Danny Meyer in the year 1994 July, and from that very time his official start as a chef began.

His restaurant was also dictated as one of the top popular restaurants of the town during the year 2003 as well as in the year 2005. Additionally, some of his interest was also sold during the year 2006. But now with his other progressive projects, he is no longer associated with the restaurant.

Married to Lori Silverbush

Tom has also appeared on television but his personal life is not properly indicated among the people. Thomas is also known by his nickname Tommy and he is a married man who got married to his long-term girlfriend named Lori Silverbush.

Currently, Lori and Tom are parents of 2 children and he is running a successful married life with his family. Tom is very friendly in his nature and he is a very sophisticated man. Tom has never been spotted with any other affair in his life besides his spouse.

Has Tom Got Divorced?

Moreover, Tom has less information available in his bio regarding his personal career and more of the focus is been on his professional life.  Due to knowing any divorce history of Tom, he has never suffered any story of controversy and he is determined with his family time.

He loves his wife a lot and during his very college days only he was targeting her to make his affair. Tom is also very sharp-minded he is very easy and quick in his nature and this is also the reason why he uses his ideas in many places.

Net Worth

Tom is 5 feet 9 inches tall and he is a pure vegetarian. In addition to this, he is also on-alcoholic as neither he nor he smokes as his habit.

The actual net worth and salary earned by him due to his focus on his career made him achieve around 20 million dollars. 

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by Bchrome, 12 Feb, 2016

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