Tom Bower Reveals Princess Diana Used To Bring Her Boyfriends In Kensington Palace In His New Book

News by Joey Jordan Published on 21 Mar,2018 Updated on 21 Mar,2018

Tom Bower In His New Book Reveals Princess Diana Used To Bring Her Boyfriends Inside The Kensington Palace

  • Tom Bower's new book Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion, and Defiance Of Prince Charles reveal Princess Diana's acts in Kensington Palace.
  • The book reveals she used to spend private times with her boyfriends inside the palace while Prince Charles was out.
  • The book also reveals she used to ask her chief butler Paul Burrell to smuggle her boyfriends inside the Kensington Palace.

Though it's over two decades since the tragic death of Princess Diana, her legacy still remains with all the controversies she had been surrounded by through her life.

In a newly released book Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, author Tom Bower has revealed the unusual favors from Princess Diana's chief butler Paul Burrell.

CAPTION: Princess Diana used to call her boyfriends to Palace SOURCE: Hello Magazine

According to the book, the Late Princess of Wales used to ask Burrell to smuggle her alleged boyfriends inside the Kensington Palace.

Paul also disclosed Diana used to visit Paddington and meet prostitutes to ask them to give up their trade in exchange for Royal gifts.

Meanwhile, Paul's attorney has given a 39-page-long statement to the police where Paul has said that Princess Diana used to demand private meals with her lovers and ask Paul to sneak out of the Palace.

The book also tells how Princess Diana asked her trustworthy butler to cancel her public engagements just to spend some more private times with her boyfriends.

CAPTION: Princess Diana and butler Paul Burrell SOURCE: The Sun

In 2003, Burrell had described his time with Prince Charles and Princess Diana as their butler in a memoir titled A Royal Duty. 

In the memoir, Paul stated how he tried to help the Princess. Apparently, Paul Butler had just visited Princess Diana just before her fatal car accident.