The Secret Behind Natasha Negovanlis and Her ''Secret Boyfriend''!!

News by Clarence Published on 14 Jun,2017 Updated on 26 Sep,2021

Rumors and controversies are a staple for Hollywood life. We'd ask the Canadian singer, YouTube host, and writer Natasha Negovanlis but she seems to keep away from such matters! Natasha currently filming the new movie Darken alongside Ari Millen, Rob Archer, Christine Horne, Paul Amos.

Let's get to the rumor-less Negovanlis' dating life. Does she have a boyfriend, who is he and how is their relationship? We'll get to all that. 

Natasha Negovanlis and Her Boyfriend, The Full Story

The beautiful and gorgeous Negovanlis has millions of fans. And those millions of fans are keen to know if she has a boyfriend or not, whether or not she is in love. 

Negovanlis has actually never made any headlines for her dating life and hasn't been publicly spotted with anyone.  She's also not been linked with anyone she's worked with!

Negovanlis shares numerous pictures of her pet dog on her Instagram and Twitter account. She mentions her pet as her handsome boyfriend. Don't get confused! Her handsome boyfriend is her pet dog. Have a look.

Negovanlis looks happy with her pet. She manages extra time from her busy schedule and spends maximum quality time with her dog.  For now, she is busy with her dog Manson! 

Is Natasha Negovanlis, Gay

Natasha Negovanlis played Carmilla in the LGBTQ  web series of the same name, therefore, she's often rumored to be lesbian, however, those are shallow grounds for assumptions. Here we have five unheard facts of Natasha Negovanis. Just watch the below video.

She hasn't come out and confirmed anything herself.  But that doesn't mean she can't be gay! Time will tell!

Negovanlis hasn't been involved in any public relations over the years, which could be the primary reason behind her successful career at the age of 27, controversies seem to ruin budding Hollywood careers. Gay or not let's hope Negovanlis has an amazing love life and career!

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