The Live Desk's anchor Trace Gallagher's net worth and salary is getting better alike his career

News by Clarence Published on 06 Nov,2016 Updated on 06 Nov,2016

The renowned journalist and news anchor Trace Gallagher, who currently hosts and reports at FOX News channel. He earns $200K as his gross salary per year and holds the net worth of $1.5 million which he collects from FOX News.

Trace has hosted the FOX's popular show 'The Live Desk between' 2008-2010 with Martha MacCallum. He is a valuable asset for FOX. Millions of people admire his work, he has always been a highlighted for people due to his high profile work, luxurious life and may more. 

Trace's salary and Net worth

We all know that to earn the highest amount of salary and net worth, the person should have a celebrity, Artist or journalist. Yes, Trace is the same categories of people I am talking to you, Trace is one of the highest paying journalists of the FOX.

Trace Gallegher while reporting the Kelly File

From the very reliable source, Fox pays him around $200K annually as a salary. Every year his salary is increasing last year he received around $150K  and his growing career will also increase his salary. His net worth is estimated to $1.5 million till 2016. We assure that his net worth will be more than $2 million soon.

Trace's Early Career and Career in Fox

Before joining FNC, Trace had a chance to work as a host and reporter for WCPX-TV (CBS 6) in Orlando. Next, he worked at NBC 13's FL, KYEL-TV in Yuma and NBC3's AZ, KVBC-TV in Las Vegas. Then he spent some time at KTVB-TV (NBC 7).

 Trace Gallagher during lunch time at FOX News Channel

In 1996, Trace moved to Fox and started his golden journalism career at FOX. In the initial period, he was appointed as a correspondent based in San Fransisco., later he moved to LA. During his time at FOX, he has covered several stories including the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the tsunami in TÅhoku, Japan and death of the king of Hip hop Michael Jackson. 

Trace also spent 5 years in New York serving as a co-host of 'The Live Desk' along with Martha MacCallum. This show was run from 2006 to 2010, Trace joined the show in 2008. This show became the very popular show on FOX in 2009. Which was a news show, airing daily at 1 PM ET, it covered the breaking. On February of 2010, this show was replaced by 'American Live with Megyn Kelly', then Trace transferred to Los Angeles. Recently, he reported the shooting on Capitol Hill, the Washington Navy Yard Shooting stated by FOX News.

Trace, a talented journalist is near to mid- fifty, still active like a young age which is the very inspiring lesson for an immature journalist. He always keeps secret about his personal life, he is a married man but never expressed his family life to the media. People are unknown about his wife or marital status. This handsome man has more focused on professional life rather than personal life. We assure he is managing personal and professional life in a smoothly.