The life after divorce is freeing, says actress Paula Patton

News by Utshav Dhungana Published on 12 Jun,2016 Updated on 12 Jun,2016

Over a year after her divorce with Robin Thicke, performer Paula Patton, the famous actress with the net worth of 18 million dollars, says she's grasping single life. In a video meeting with Essence, the Warcraft star opened up about what it resembles dating as a single parent and clarified that she's found a feeling of strengthening and opportunity simultaneously. 

"It's been fun and fascinating and I've taken in a considerable measure about myself," she told Essence. Since Patton had known Thicke since she was only 15, she clarified that the move has been "somewhat odd": "I have no clue what I'm doing, however, it's energizing, it's so fun, I'm having a fabulous time." 

Patton said she's had blended feelings in regards to the move to being single. "It's truly pleasant, truly, getting used to being distant from everyone else," she said. "It's liberating, it's startling toward the starting. It's truly alarming. Yet, it's something I'm coming to grasp and realizing that that is truly what it is currently: figuring out how to love yourself, making the most of your time with your companions, your family and afterward it will get itself straightened out." 

She did; be that as it may, illuminate the sort of man she'd adoration to discover once she's prepared to settle down with somebody: "You know what the greatest thing is for me? Someone who truly likes to have a great time," she said. "I need a man, yet I need a man that likewise needs to grasp his internal identity. You know? Snicker. Have a ton of fun. Appreciate the occasion. … I need to be cheerful. Life is too short."