The Guy Who Was Arrested outside Rihannas NYC Crib Is Back on the Street of New York

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 29 May,2017 Updated on 31 May,2017

This week a guy outside Rihanna’s NYC crib was spotted and later arrested.

 He was arrested on Tuesday morning and was found guilty of trespassing.

Source: Popcrush

The man named Salmir Feratovic was asked to lock in cells by the prosecutors. The judged on the other hands agreed but gave the culprit time for the credit he served and then he was back again.

On Wednesday afternoon he was spotted o the streets of New York again. Feratovic Speaking to the news channel said that his arrest wouldn't make any differences to pursuit Rihanna.


 The guy who says he is a fan of Rihanna has been trying hard to meet Rihanna. He was found several times at Rihanna’s place in 2016 and was stopped by the guards all the time.

 When the 33 years old who calls himself a fan of Rihanna was arrested, he was carrying a knife with him.

 When asked about the knife by police, he said he had no intentions of harming the singer but carried the knife for self-protection.