The Grammy Nominated Guitarist Allan Holdsworth died at 70

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 17 Apr,2017 Updated on 18 Sep,2017

The British guitarist and composer, who have made up 12 solo album, died at 70. Allan Holdsworth's death news was posted by his daughter Louise on Sunday.

Holdsworth lived in California for years. His work as a guitarist made an impact on jazz music those days. Eddie van Hallen was influenced by his guitar works.


Holdsworth played jazz in early 70’s and collaborated with popular bands like soft machine and gong. In 1980 and onwards worked on a number of solo jazz and collaborated with artists like Gordon beck and Mark Varney.


Under warner bros banned his EP was released named road games in 1983. This received a Grammy nomination for best rock instrumental performance. "This was quantum jazz fusion with a Fripp-esque legato style and truly otherworldly tones." as described by reverb magazine on Holdsworth's style.

Musicians Joe Satriani on twitter mourned Holdsworth’s death.