The Golf Channel's Broadcaster Kelly Tilghman's Dating Life-Past Affairs, Marriage and Children!

News by Valdemar Published on 14 Dec,2017 Updated on 14 Dec,2017

Kelly Tilghman, the broadcaster of the Golf Channel, was once in the limelight for allegedly getting married to her ''boyfriend'' Nick Faldo, an English professional golfer on the European Tour.

Since their romance was just a rumor and not true, what’s her relationship status at present? Is the PGA Tour's first female lead golf announcer, Kelly Tilghman seeing someone or is she single at present? What do you think?

Is Kelly Tilghman Single? Or Is She Married?

Kelly Tilgham might be the most private journalists out there, and that's saying a lot like those who report on the news usually always keep quiet about their own lives.  

That could be why there is so little about Tilghman out there. 

Kelly Tilgham enjoying her time at the beach

Kelly Tilgham enjoying her time at the beach 

Though the PGA Tour's first female lead golf announcer, Kelly Tilghman, was rumored of having an affair with Nick Faldo, nothing concrete came out of the rumors. 

She allegedly shared a baby with Faldo, but like said earlier, these were all rumors. The only reasonable basis for these stories is Kelly's collaboration with him in 2007.

PGA Tour's first female lead golf announcer, Kelly Tilghman

PGA Tour's first female lead golf announcer

Not only that, she has even been rumored to be lesbian, and this rumor in specific is still around. 

Is Kelly Tilghman A Lesbian?

There are rumors that Kelly Tilghman is a lesbian. Not that she has confessed it herself, but all this comes from various sources, and she hasn't denied any of it. 

The fact that her romantic life details are so scarce could be one of the reasons why a lot of her followers believe her to be gay. 

Though she posts pictures of some of her male companions, it seems that it is all work-related. 

Kelly Tilghman with her alleged lesbian partner

Kelly Tilghman with her alleged lesbian partner 

There are photos of Kelly Tilghman online with her alleged lesbian partner. These rumors won't silence unless Kelly comes out herself and accepts or denies the speculations. 

Quick Facts:

  • Kelly Tilghman was born on August 6, 1969.
  • She was born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • Kelly before starting her career used to play college golf at Duke University.
  • From 1992-96, Tilghman played professional golf in Australia, Europe, and Asia.
  • She began her collaboration with lead analyst Nick Faldo in 2007.
  • She gave some critical remarks about t Tiger Woods during January 4, 2008, PGA Tour Telecast, therefore was suspended for two weeks.
  • On January 15, she was re-hired at the Golf Channel.