The Footage of What Happened Inside the Arena during the Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 23 May,2017 Updated on 24 May,2017

The panic inside Manchester Arena can be seen in the video after Ariana Grande left the stage.

The video is about people’s panic over the blast sound heard.

 The crowd went rushing over one another. This very short clip shows people screaming and after the sound of the blast. It was clear that the mass had known about something going wrong immediately.

 With the confirmation of police, it is declared that 22 are dead and 59 with severe injury. Ariana who has paid her homage to the victims have decided to suspend the rest of her tour. She is in no condition to perform on stage after the massive attack.

After 10:30 pm, police responded with press released statement at the arena. They responded to the massive explosion at the venue which was holding 21000 people. 

One of the citizens of the place Mr. Gregory talking to the media said that his girlfriend and sister were in the concert when the explosion took place. He confirmed that they are safe now.