The Black Eyed Peas' Singer Fergie is Pregnant With Her Second Baby From Her Husband Josh Duhamel? Details Here!

News by Saburo Published on 10 Sep,2017 Updated on 10 Sep,2017

 Fergie is finally back! Her second solo album Double Dutchess which is going to release on September 22, 2017, after over ten years her first album The Dutchess' release.

Fergie who is married to actor Josh Duhamel since 2009 is a mother of a son. And if the rumors are true, the Fergalicious singer is going to be a mother once again! 

Is the singer expecting her second baby with her husband, Jos Duhamel? Is it just a rumor that Fergie is pregnant? Let's break it all down for you!

Is Fergie Pregnant With Her Second Baby?

There are speculations that Fergie is expecting her second child with her husband, Josh Duhamel. The couple welcomed their first child, a son, Axl Jack Duhamel, in August 2013. 

According to an article published by on January 18, 2017, forty-two years old The Black Eyed Peas singer wants a baby girl. Her husband of eight years, Duhamel, intends to have a big family as well 

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Fergie with her husband Josh Duhamel and son

Source: instyle. com

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A source said to Life and style:

They’ve been talking about trying for a second baby.

In an interview with Eonline back in 2015, the singer expressed her desire to have a daughter. She said:

My gosh, it would be amazing to give my little girl her own fragrance collection done by Mommy. Wow, that would be special, hashtagged blessed. After the album and the tour, we would love to have another child. Absolutely.

Due to a series of rumors of her pregnancy with baby number two, the singer finally opened about the rumor. On her 103.5 KTU radio station interview on September 8, 2017, Fergie said:

I’ve heard so many rumors about all of that

She added:

I have no idea what’s in the future. Right now, I just turned all my videos in yesterday to everybody. It’s like I’m birthing a different kind of baby. I feel like I’m birthing this thing out. It didn’t come from my belly but it came from my soul.

Well, it looks like the singer is more concerned about her career rather than growing her family at the moment.

Stacy Ann Ferguson ''Fergie'' and Josh Duhamel's Married Life

Fergie and her actor husband Josh Duhamel started dating back in 2004. They first met on the sets of Duhamel's NBC series Las Vegas. 

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<p>Josh Duhamel on their wedding

Fergie and Josh Duhamel on their wedding

Source: You Tube

The couple dated from 2004 till 2007 before finally getting engaged in December 2007. Fergie and Josh Duhamel married each other on January 10, 2009. The couple exchanged vows in a Catholic wedding ceremony at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu, California.


A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are in their eight years of blissful married life. The singer shared a romantic picture where the couple appeared on a sunset beach on the occasion of their eighth anniversary. She captioned the photo:

"happy 8th anniversary to my bae."

Fergie and Duhamel frequently share lovely pictures of their family on their respective social media. We can see in all those posts, Fergie and her husband share a strong bond and that they are happily married.

Fergie Quick Facts

  • Fergie's birth name is Stacy Ann Ferguson.
  • She was born on March 27, 1975, in Hacienda Heights, California, United States.
  • She is the daughter of Theresa Ann and Jon Patrick Ferguson.
  • Her nick names are Stace, Fergie, The Dutchess, and Fergalicious.
  • Her height is 5' 4" (1.63 m).
  • She studied at Mesa Robles Middle School and Glen A. Wilson High School.
  • She was a cheerleader during her high school.
  • She debuted with the album The Dutchess in 2006.
  • She was previously a member of the girl group Wild Orchid.

Josh Duhamel Quick facts

  • Josh Duhamel's middle name is David; Joshua David Duhamel.
  • Duhamel was born on November 14, 1972, in Minot, North Dakota, U.S.
  • He is the son of Bonnie L. Kemper and Larry Duhamel.
  • He has three younger sisters, Ashlee, Kassidy and Mckenzee Duhamel.
  • He graduated from Minot State University.
  • He started his acting career from the music videos "I Will Go With You (Con te partirò)."
  • He also photographed naked for he posed fully nude for Greg Gorman's "As I See It" in 2000.
  • He was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Award in 2003.