The 10 craziest Twitter reactions to 2017 Met Gala

News by Riya Published on 02 May,2017 Updated on 03 May,2017

The most anticipated and most watched Fashion event of the year, Met Gala, is here and Celebrities have graced the red carpet with some crazy fashion. What next? Well, What do you think comes next after any event these days? Memes, memes, and memes!!!

Even though Met Gala is stressful for celebs like Kanye West, others seem to be overjoyed to get invited. So, everybody dressed up their best and it took twitter only minutes to make fun of all that preparation! 

1. Whoever did this deserves an invite next year!

2.  Is this a better meme material than Rihanna's last year's egg yolk inspired dress? Tough call!

3.  Did Taylor Swift attend the Met Gala? Oh!! here she is...

4.  Why no one told me that they were friends again???

5.  One more for Katy Perry, hard to let it slide.

6.  Priyanka Chopra as Inspector Gadget

7.  This one has got to hurt!

8.  These digs are gold!


9.  Is this cosplay or a Met Gala outfit?


 10.  Jaden Smith has to stand out! Maybe he is trying tooo hard now


Which one is your favorite? I will go with Katy Perry's, not the look, the meme!