Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Net Worth, Find Out His Sources of Income

News by Saburo Published on 08 Jun,2017 Updated on 11 Aug,2017

On the news currently for the controversial 'bathroom bill'' that targets transgender people, Greg Abbott is a much talked about Republican Texas Governor Abbott wants Texas to the next state after North Caroline to impose rules on transgenders that include using the bathroom of the sex determined by their birth certificate and not the one they identify as!

Greg Abbott is more than his bathroom bill though, he's also a man of money. Today, we explore Abbott's net worth and income sources here.

Greg Abbott Net worth and Earning source

The current Texas Governor and Republican leader Greg Abbott is one of the richest politicians in United Nations of America. He has been serving as the Governor of the Texas since January 2015. Previously he was the Attorney General of Texas, from 2002-2015.

Texas' Governor Abbottottttt, Source: Dallas News

Greg earns huge amount of money from his political career. He has maintained a hefty amount of net worth. 

According to the Ballotpedia, he receives a salary of $150K annually from the US Government. But, in 2015, he paid only $104 income tax. Because of losses from investments and large deductions, Sir Abbott paid $104 total in federal income taxes!! And that was the year Sir Abbott spent extensive amount for renovating his Austin Texas’ home.

In 2013, Sir Abbott revealed that he received $6 million from the lawsuit over the accident that disabled him. Sir Abbott released the terms of statement for the first time in 2013, about his 1984 accident. According to Dallas News, in 1984, a homeowner hit Sir Abbott on the street and made him disabled.

So, it is no surprise that Gregg Abbott's net worth is in millions! 

Gregg Abbott Lifestyle, How He Spends His Millions

Sir Abbott lives in the Texas Governor’s owned mansion in Austin Texas. His family is the 41st family who is living in this mansion.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Source: Texas Cannabis

The Mansion is a historic home built in 1854, designed by prominent architecture Abner Cook. There he lives with his wife first lady Cecilia Phalen and adopted daughter, Audrey.

Before becoming the Governor, he owned a house in Texas, Austin that he sold in 2015. Sir Abbott has a Mercedes-Benz brand car. 

Quick Facts about Texas' Governor Greg Abbott:

  • Gregg Abbott is a native of Wichita Falls
  • He is a former Lawyer of Texas
  • He served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Texas from 1995-2001
  • Abbott served the 50th Attorney of General Texas from December 2002- January 2015.
  • He is the 48th Governor of Texas
  • He graduated in Business Finance from University of Texas
  • He earned Juris Doctor Degree from the  Vanderbilt University Law School
  • In 2001, Abbott served as a guest professor at the University Of Texas School Of Law.

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