Ted Cruz Blamed His Assistant For Liking The Pornographic Tweet On His Official Twitter

News by Joey JordanPublished on 13.Sep.2017

The Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s Twitter liked a pornographic tweet and it also became available to view on Cruz’s official profile. It ultimately leads the US Senator to series of awkward screenshots.

Cruz’s spokeswoman Catherine Frazier tweeted after his official Twitter liked pornography on Monday night as: 

The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter

The WIRED’s author Ashley Feinberg asked him a question in a retweet as:

@tedcruz my young daughters and sons follow you for good wholesome content can you please explain this???

Later, Cruz said that his assistant was responsible for the like that caused the pornographic post to appear briefly on his Twitter feed. Cruz told the reporters: “It was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent. It was a mistake. It was not a deliberate action.”

He also added to this as: “Although I will say that if I had known that this would trend so quickly, perhaps we should have posted something like this back during the Indiana primary.”

The US Senator Ted Cruz

The US Senator Ted Cruz

Source: Time magazine

The tweet was particularly awkward as Cruz supports the conservative family values and his involvement. Also, he put this values in a court case in Texas on banning the use of sex toys.