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In the glittering world of music, Taryn Bolton emerges as a figure intricately linked to fame, being the daughter of the renowned American singer-songwriter, Michael Bolton. As one of Michael's three children with ex-wife Maureen McGuire, Taryn has found herself under the spotlight due to her father's musical legacy.

Despite the family's longstanding presence in the limelight, Taryn Bolton opts for a more private life. Join us in exploring the journey and current endeavors of Michael Bolton's daughter, as she gracefully navigates her path away from the public gaze.

Early Life Details: Taryn Is The Youngest Kid

Taryn Bolton, also recognized as Taryn Bolotin, holds the position of the second child in the family lineage of the renowned music icon Michael Bolton and his former spouse, Maureen McGuire. The marital union of her parents endured for a span of fifteen years, spanning from 1975 to 1990.

A childhood picture of Michael Bolton’s daughter, Taryn Bolton and her two elder sisters.  SOURCE: Instagram

Taryn's familial constellation includes two elder sisters, Isa Bolton and Holly Bolton, who warmly welcomed their younger sibling into the fold. Given their close proximity in age, the Bolton sisters share a tight-knit bond, solidified during their formative teenage years, especially in the aftermath of their parents' separation.

Who Is Taryn Bolton's Husband? She Has Two Kids

Despite being forever recognized as the youngest daughter of the renowned "Go the Distance" singer, Taryn Bolotin has gracefully transitioned into motherhood. Welcoming two daughters within a year of each other, Taryn's eldest daughter marked a significant milestone for her father, Michael Bolton, ushering him into the role of a grandfather.

Despite Taryn's inclination towards privacy, it's known that one of her daughters is named Amelia, with details about her partner and the second child remaining undisclosed. Maintaining a low profile, Taryn refrains from sharing family specifics, aligning with her preference for a private life.

In contrast, Michael Bolton, now a grandfather of six, actively engages in his grandfatherly duties, excluding the bedtime ritual, as disclosed by the singer in a People interview. Despite not being allowed to put his grandkids to sleep, Michael joyfully indulges in reading bedtime stories and playfully chasing his grandchildren around the room, embodying the role of a loving and involved grandparent.

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Taryn Bolton Is The Owner Of Resale Shop

Though typically inclined toward privacy, Michael Bolton's youngest daughter, Taryn, briefly stepped into the public eye through her entrepreneurial ventures. In 2013, she established a children's clothing resale shop named "Around the Rosy" in her hometown of Westport.

Taryn Bolton posing with her father Michael Bolton. SOURCE: BuzzSouthAfrica

Inspired by her own experiences as a mother and recognizing the environmental impact of discarded children's items, Taryn transformed her dream of a resale store into reality. A proud Staples High School graduate, she passionately advocates for the shop's eco-friendly mission.

Michael Bolton, supportive of his daughter's endeavors, expressed excitement about Taryn's store. Interestingly, Taryn's sister, Isa Bolton, also delves into the retail realm with her own resale shop, combining success in the family's entrepreneurial ventures while carving their paths distinct from their father's musical legacy.

Taryn Bolton Used To Work For Her Father

Prior to her thriving resale shop venture in Westport, Taryn Bolton played a crucial role in her father's career, serving as his assistant in day-to-day operations. The timeline of her departure from this role remains unclear, but reports indicate that she pursued a master's in education at the University of Bridgeport, expressing aspirations to enter the education field.

However,  Taryn's entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led her to establish the successful resale shop. Currently relishing her roles as both an entrepreneur and a mother, Taryn, known for her preference for privacy, continues to navigate her journey away from the spotlight, leaving room for future revelations about Michael Bolton's daughter.

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How Rich is Taryn Bolton's Father?

Taryn Bolton's father Michael Bolton, the American singer-songwriter, boasts a net worth of $80 million, propelled by a career that evolved from hard rock and heavy metal to pop-rock ballads. With over 75 million records sold, Bolton earned critical acclaim, securing two Grammy Awards. 

In 2008, Michael listed a Westport, Connecticut mansion for $11 million, comprising 9,600 sq. ft. of living space, a resort-style pool, and a waterfront location by Nash's Pond. The property, acquired in 1991, included a second lot with a 5,400 sq. ft. property, initially used as Bolton's private music studio. Despite attempts to sell in 2015, both properties remained on the market.


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