Tag :: Central Midfielder

Central Midfielder is one of the positions in the association football. As the word gives the sense, central midfielder is the position in the mid field of the football pitch. Central midfielder among the team is regarded as the toughest position as they have to play the role of defense as well as attack depending upon the situation. Central midfielders helps in defending the ball from the opponents taking up the position in front of the team’s defensive line as well as becomes offensive by making forward runs towards the opponent’s penalty area and attempting the goals.

There are different positions of midfielder in the pitch. Some midfielders play a defensive role and some an attacking role. The role of midfielders depends on the team’s formation. Midfielders are the ones who run the most in the match. Some are classified as central midfielder, some as left and right midfielder having the responsibility of either attacking or defense. Attacking midfielder in the game is described as the playmaker or given with the number -10 jersey. They are also referred as a winger. Midfielders are required with the pace and passing skills. They must have the good composure and technical skill.