Star Award

Star Awards is a yearly ceremony. In this award function the best among the best is chosen and is honoured. Media Corporation, Media Organization, Recognized entertainers etc also get involved for their best performances. The way other award ceremonies decide and choose their winners it’s the same way for this award function too. They decide the winners on the basis of voting system by the number of fans. These award ceremonies decide about the winners.

Star Awards event was first established in 1994. During the first three years of the awards MediaCorp just handed 10 Most Popular Artistes award, five for each gender but now it hands 20 awards, ten for each gender. In 1995 The Best Actor and Best actress awards were introduced. In the same year one of the guest at the star Awards was a top gun of Hong Kong’s TVB. He had commented on the significance of the awards in recognizing television talents while giving the awards. He had also said that the Hong Kong will also have the similar awards function in less than two years. Now Hong Kong also has a similar award function named TVB Anniversary Awards which was established within two years of the return of his.

In TV Theatre on Caldecott Hill The Star Awards are traditionally being held whereas in the past it was being held at Harbour Pavilion and in 2006 it was being held at St. James Power Station. Technical category awards such as Best director , Best screenplay , Best variety Show, Producer etc and the Young Talent Award for some time duration took place in past at a gala dinner at the ceremony. In 2009, all the awards started being presented at the ceremony place but after 2010 ,it was divided into two ceremonies one at the TV Theatre and the second one at Resorts World Sentosa whereas in 2012 and 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands the 2nd ceremony had been held.

The award ceremonies mostly were held in the month of December from year 1994 to to year 2007. It was held in April from 2009 while in the year 2008 there was no ceremony.After an agreement with MediaCorp with SPH MediaWorks from 2005 , nominees are now being included from the shows from the channel MediaCorp Channel U.

The Star Awards is doing a great work of recognising talent from various fields and doing for respecting various talents from different areas and with different talents.


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