St Patrick's Day Shows No Sign Of Patriotism But Drinking and Going Crazy

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 18 Mar,2017 Updated on 20 Aug,2017

The traditional death day of the foremost patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick is celebrated on 17 of March every year.

Paying homage to the saint, the day is celebrated as the mark of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland by the saint. People wearing attire as the said used to wear is the most common on this day.

However, this year people were photographed moving unsteadily after their booze party late night.

They were seen in yellow and green attire all over the streets. More than 250 iconic landmarks were brightened with green colors in respect to the day

                                      People celebrating Patrick's day on the street

Public drunkenness and disgraceful behavior were spotted on the day. Many believe the purpose of celebrating the special day has miserably misused. Remembering St Patrick’s does not mean one should indulge him/her self-partying and going wild.