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Sophia Adella Luke is an actress who has been known for her acting credits on movies like Spartan, The Rally LA, and Knockout.

Sophia Adella Luke is a stunning looking actress who has also been known for her roles in Lying in Wait. She has been known not just for her acting skills but also for being the wife of the famous actor Derek Luke.

Early Life

Sophia Adella's actual age has not been revealed but by her looks, it can be a s sumed that her age is in the late thirties.

Sophia Adella Luke started her acting in the year 2000. She has been known to be interested in the acting sector since a small age. she studied drama and acting and this is why her roles and her appearances have always been good. She was born as Sophia-Adella Hernandez.


The filmography of Sophia Adella Luke comprises of the movies including Knockout which was her first role in the year 2000. She then appeared in the 2004 movie named Spartan and this role of hers was equally appreciated too.

She appeared recently in the 2016 movie named The Rally LA which has been known to be a good role of hers for a long time. She has reverted back to the acting fraternity with this role of hers which has been liked by a huge number of fans. She will certainly continue her endeavors in the acting fraternity even in the time to come.

Personal Life

Sophia Adella Luke has been married to actor Derek Luke. Derek is a 42-year-old actor who has been known for his roles in Antwone Fisher, Biker Boys, Spartan, Friday Nights Life etc. it seems that the couple met and fell in love upon meeting in a film or a TV show that they acted together in.

They have been known to together and married since 1998. The couple has never been known to have had problems in their marriage leading to a split. They have one child together and the family stays together as of now.

Net Worth and Body Measurements

Sophia Adella Luke is known for her acting credits that have surely made her earn a huge amount of net worth in the past years, while the actual amount of her net worth has not been known, it is known that the net worth of her husband Derek is $5 million dollars.

Sophia Adella Luke is certainly basking in the benefits of an economically stable lifestyle because of the high combined net worth that she and her husband have. She has been talked about and liked by a huge number of fans for her acting skills and will surely continue attracting a huge number of people in the years to come. Sophia Adella Luke has been a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

by Bchrome, 26 Oct, 2016

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