Singer Jessie James Decker releases a new steamy video costarring her husband Eric Decker

News by Clarence Published on 22 Aug,2016 Updated on 22 Aug,2016

Jessie James Decker took help from her handsome football player husband Eric Decker in the newly released video for "Lights Down Low". We must admit that they are the cutest couple of all time. Making the perfect pair, they start off the video cooking pancakes in their real life kitchen where Eric is shirtless and Jessie isn't much covered up. Before this also, Eric joined his wife to sing a duet on Christmas Album once. Talking to FOX41 Country, Jessie told that it was something they could live together then. 

"Lights Down Low" which is currently available on music streaming services and iTunes, will be released in August. In the video, the 28-year-old Jessie spends the day with her husband in a very magical and romantic way. With Jessie watching her husband cooking pancakes, it looks too adorable and after that when he feeds Jessie, it looks pretty romantic. After that, they start cuddling by staring at each other and at the same time, her hands are on Eric's six pack.

Things get spicy when they move to the living room from the kitchen where they roll around and make passionate love with each other. That must have been a very enjoyable moment for them. Not only this, we also get to watch Jessie James kissing Eric in the bathtub in the video. By this video, they have expressed their true love and passion towards each other and after watching this video, we would never like to see them getting a divorce.

Italian-born country-pop singer, who has given birth to her baby in September, looked incredible in that video. After getting married on June 22, 2013, he gave birth to a daughter Vivianne Rose Decker and a son Eric Thomas Decker II. The cute couple must have met each other during their career or maybe in some shows. Both Jessie and Eric have completed their college education.

The NFL football player has earned a good amount of money and has a net worth of $10 million. Whereas the country-pop singer Jessie has a net worth of $1.5 million. They are now living in their Castle Pines home from where they are planning to move.