Sid Haig is happily married to Susan L. Oberg for 9 years and the rumor of Sid being a gay is fake

News by Saburo Published on 03 Nov,2016 Updated on 03 Nov,2016

Well known for his shaved head, tall height, and his deep baritone voice, Sid Haig is an actor from America. He is well known for portraying the role of Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's horror films 'House of 1000 Corpses' and 'The Devil's Rejects'. This evergreen actor has always been a hot news for media due to his personal affairs and outstanding performances.

Is Sid Haig is gay?

The rumors of Sid Haig being a gay is just a rumor.  I will tell you, he is a married man and married to his wife Susan L. Oberg. Susan Oberg who is also an actress of the industry. I think your doubt is cleared now being him gay. He is living with his wife and she never tells that he is gay or she has a problem with him.

People raises a question towards his sexuality because he does not have a child with his wife. But according to a reliable source, when he needs child ,he will adapt. This handsome boy might have so many girlfriends in the past but the news of his past girlfriend is not available. 

Sid Haig's Married Life

Sid is married to Susan L. Oberg, she is also an actor who worked in the movies like Brotherhood of Blood,' and 'The Horrorhound'. Sid has been married long time girlfriend Susan L. Oberg. The couple married on second November 2007. Sid married lives is going smoothly. There is no chance of divorce. We can say that he will spend remaining life with his wife.

Sid Haig and his wife, Susan Oberg, promoting the horror film Halloween in 2007

Sid Haig's wife Susan L. Oberg, an actress. people knows her being a wife of Sid rather than her career. We did a lot of digging but did not find the information regarding her. Maybe she wants to keep her personal life within her circle. 

Sid Haig's Professional Career

Sid is very famous and popular actor of the Hollywood, he is regarded as horror king in the industry. He has been active in this field since last 45 years. He began his career from the age of Seven, he performed in a children Christmas show. He debuted in the industry from the short film The Host' on 1960. Two years later, he worked in the movie The Firebrand. Sid has worked in more than fifty films and 350 TV series.

Sid Haig portraying the Chester Chesterfield in  horror movie Halloween (2007)

In 972 he has been featured James Bond's Diamonds Are Forever. This movie highlighted him in the industry. He has played the role of villain in several films including  Charlie's Angels, Jason of Star Command, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Dukes of Hazzard and so on. He has last seen in movie 'Bone Tomahawk' which released in 2015.

Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding in the horror movie 'The Devil's Rejects' (2009)

Sid's introduction is not limited with a great actor, he is also a very good drummer. He used to play  drummer during high school.  He mastered the Jazz, Swing, country, and Rock and Roll. He has been released singles 'Full House' with the T- Birds in 1958. ?

Sid Haig is near to 80s but still active in this field. This handsome man has a number of fans all over the globe. In a young age, many girls would die heart fans of him. Sid lives with his wife Susan L. Oberg. Currently, no complication is found his relationship with his wife.