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Sherrie Swafford was the real-life girlfriend of Steve Perry, an American singer and songwriter. He was the lead singer of Journey during the time of his first solo album, which inspired the song "Oh Sherrie," which served as the album's first single. Sherrie also made an appearance in the music video for the same song.

In an interview with Marc Tyler Nobleman, Sherrie revealed that she works as an esthetician and teaches yoga. She has never been married, has no children, and has a deep affection for her animals, gardening, and life in general. She values her friendships, including her relationship with Steve Perry, and greatly values her privacy.

Early Life 

Sherrie Swafford was born in the United States in 1953. Unfortunately, she did not reveal her exact birth date. She hailed from Bakersfield, California, where she spent a significant part of her childhood with her parents.

Steve Perry's ex-partner Sherrie had a younger sister, and their family of four eventually relocated to Driller Ave.  Sadly, Sherrie passed away in 2022 at the age of seventy.   

How Did Sherrie's Love Journey With Steve Started?

Sherrie Swafford began dating the rock star Steve in the early 1980s. Although the former pair kept their relationship low-key in the media, they were deeply committed to each other. 

Sherrie Swafford once dated rock star Steve Perry.  SOURCE: Celebsuburb

Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey, spoke about their strong bond in a 2011 interview, describing their love as intense. He acknowledged the challenges of maintaining a relationship while the band was at its peak, highlighting the difficulties of balancing fame with personal life.

Was Sherrie Swafford Married? 

In an interview with Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Noblemania, Sherrie Swafford shared some insights into her personal and professional life. She disclosed that she has never been married and does not have any children. When approached by MTV and VH1, she chose not to engage, hoping they would assume it was a wrong number.

Sherrie, who worked as an esthetician and teaches yoga, also expressed her love for animals and mentioned her passion for planting flowers in her spare time. Additionally, she emphasized her deep appreciation for privacy and the cherished friendships in her life, including her relationship with Steve Perry. According to her, their connection was rooted in pure love, devoid of any other complexities.

Steve Perry Wrote A Song For Sherrie Swafford

Steve Perry penned "Oh Sherrie" as a tribute to his real-life girlfriend, Sherrie Swafford. This heartfelt song was released as the lead single from Perry's debut solo album, "Street Talk," in 1984.

Sherrie made an appearance in the accompanying music video. The song achieved significant success, reaching the impressive #3 spot on the Hot 100 chart and becoming a radio and MTV sensation.

What Was Sherrie Swafford's Death Cause?

Sherrie Swafford passed away on November 25, 2022, at seventy due to natural causes. Her private funeral was attended by family and close friends, with the burial location undisclosed, respecting her lifelong desire for privacy. 

Known for inspiring Steve Perry's song "Oh Sherrie," her legacy endures through her connection to music and cherished memories held by those who knew her.

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Why Did Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry BreakUp?

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry were in a relationship for approximately five years before parting ways in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, there is no explicit explanation from either of them about the breakup.

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry on the music video ‘O Sherrie.’  SOURCE: YouTube

However, it is widely believed that Steve's demanding schedule, the pressures of Journey's success, and his extensive touring commitments likely played a role in their separation.

Sherrie Swafford Net Worth

At the time of her passing, Sherrie Swafford had a net worth of approximately $200 thousand. Steve Perry's former partner amassed that net worth primarily from her career as a yoga instructor and esthetician. 

In contrast, Steve Perry, Sherrie's former partner, boasts an estimated net worth of $70 million. The renowned musician accumulated the bulk of his wealth through his highly successful music career.

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Has Sherrie Swafford's Ex-Partner Steve Perry Been Married?

Steve Perry, much like his ex-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, remained unmarried throughout his life despite several serious relationships. He wrote in a 2013 blog post about his deep love for Kellie Nash, a psychologist he met through a mutual friend, Patty Jenkins.

Tragically, Kellie, a breast cancer survivor, faced a recurrence of the disease and passed away in December 2012 after dating Perry for a year and a half.



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