Shep Rose Aka 'RelationShep' Reveals being ready for Marriage and Children; Is he Dating Someone? Details of his Relationship

News by Saburo Published on 29 Dec,2017 Updated on 29 Dec,2017

Those who have been admiring Shep Rose since long time might know this already that when it comes to being in long-term relationships, Shep doesn’t have the best track records. But it seems that the 37-year-old actor is finally looking to settle down and is looking for a perfect girl with the new bachelor–style spinoff show RelationShep.

So what do you think has he found his someone special? Is he dating? Details of his past and current affair here!!

Is Shep Rose Single? Or Is He Dating Someone?

Shep Rose as believed is single at present.

Well yes, though he is seen surrounded by so many other girls in his social media, they are only good friends and that he is isn’t seeing anyone of them.

Shep Rose on the Bravo Event

Shep Rose on the Bravo's Event 

Though he doesn’t have a good track record in terms of longtime relationships, Shep Rose is completely open to marriage and having children.

Shep Rose with some of his friends

Shep Rose with some of his friends 

In his interview with E! News he stated that

I love kids so much, so I want that!

Rose stated that he eventually wants to have babies and get married, but then it’s not easy for him to find the girl that he is looking for. Well according to his records, his standards are quite high when it comes to women.

My standards are unjustly high. I need to relax a little bit. It’s complicated. Till death do us part is a lot of time, and it’s really a lot of time if it’s a person you don’t absolutely enjoy being around. I choose my friends carefully and my girlfriends, too. I like to surround myself with I can be totally comfortable and happy with and hopefully make them feel that way, too.

Well, pull your socks up Shep admirers as you might still have a chance to woo him.

Shep Rose; Past Affairs And Relationship

Many of you might know this fact that Shep Rose nicknamed himself as RelationShep in 2003 but the truth is that the name was given to him by his ex-girlfriend.

As believed Mr. Rose had a very special girl who has highly affected his life. 

 Shep Rose on the Bravo's Event

Shep Rose on the Bravo's Event 

He didn’t mention the name of her ex-girlfriend but revealed that she gave her the name that has given him some recognition.

Shep Rose with Stacy London

Shep Rose with Stacy London

Also, it was reported that Shep made out with Stacy London in a bathroom. Though it was considered as a rumor, there was a photographic evidence that they have hung out together in the past.

 Quick Facts:

  • Rose Shep was born as William Shepherd Rose III on September 27, 1980.
  • He was born in Hilton Head Island, SC.
  • He completed his study at University of Georgia and Vanderbilt University.
  • After completing his degree, he worked as a businessman.
  • His birth sign is Libra.