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Shaun O'Hara is a professional football player, who played in the National Football League (NFL) in the Unites States. He is central player who was born to parents Neil O’ Hara and Shauna, who owned a café/ book shop in Illinoi. Born as the second out of two children, Shaun was a disturbed child who didn’t like anything or anybody in his early days. He was taken to a therapist and later cured for his illness. Once recovered, he started to enjoy everything around him and also saw considerable growth in his height and body. Born in a family that followed Christianity, he is an American by nationality and belongs to a white ethnicity.

Growing up in Illinois, his parents later moved him to New Jersey as his therapist suggested a change in environment. Although there seemed to be nothing wrong with Chicago, it was later told that he might have experienced something bad around there which might have changed the way he started to behave. After moving to Jersey, the family lived at Hillsborough Township, where he grew and made friends. He attended the Hillsborough High School, where he started to learn and also enjoy a little. A quick runner in his childhood, he was encouraged to play sports by his teachers and after trying basketball and soccer, he was slowly attracted by rugby. As a boy, he started to play the football and slowly developed a liking to the game, which grew big with time. During the two years he spend in Ohio from his school, he was coached and trained by professional coaches as his strength and quickness was liked by them. After graduating in 1994, he applied for a scholarship and was selected at the Rutgers University, in New Jersey. There, he played as a team member for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team from 1996 to 1999.

He played in major tournaments once he had joined the Cleveland Browns in 2000, where he played in the central position. He started more than half of the season’s games although they signed him as a rookie. His physicality was a powerful weapon and was soon targeted by the New York Giants, with whom he signed in 2004 for 5.4 million dollars. But a skin allergy kept him out for 2 seasons straight, before he marked his return with his team in the Super Bowl XLII in 2007. He was not distinguished as a Pro Bowl level player, although he was in the team sheet despite unable to play with an injury.

A muscular man, Shaun is as tall as 6 feet and 3 inches in height and his weight is about 135 kg. He is a married man and along his wife Amy founded the Shaun O'Hara Foundation since 2009. The couple are together and happy and looks like they are not going to have a divorce anytime soon. With an estimated net worth of about 1 million US dollars, he is currently not playing for any team and thus has no fixed salary.

by sanjeet, 11 Mar, 2015

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