Seven Weird Ways To Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You

News by Rhyss Sebastian Published on 21 Mar,2018 Updated on 21 Mar,2018

In our day to day lives with all the problems life throws at us, crushes are the only things which makes it worthwhile, don't you think? 

It will be like a dream come true for many of us if we could only confess our feelings to them and be together with them. Although we're sure many of you failed to do so. 

Today in this section, we're going to tell you seven ways by which you can have a brighter chance of asking your crush on that hot date. 

Seven Ways to Make Your Crush Fall In Love With You

Whenever we hear the term 'Crush' the butterfly effect starts to kick in. These terrible shaking of your legs, when confronted by your crush, is understandable.

One doesn't have the stomach to talk face to face with their crush as the feeling of ruining it all overwhelms us. 

Not anymore, as below are some tips which will definitely help you make your crush fall in love with you.

7.) Ignore Them

It may sound like a lot to ignore the only thing you look forward to seeing first thing in the morning. But if you're patient then time will reward you.

CAPTION: Don't just throw yourself into your crush, ignore them SOURCE: Boldsky

Many research suggests if you ignore a person, he or she will gravitate towards them. The most common mistake many of you tend to do is throw the ball in their court. 

One should be patient be while interacting with their crush. Become the spotlight and the center of attention, and don't forget to maintain the distance. 

6.) Smell Good 

Many of you probably heard if you smell bad, you ruin the game. Every human being has their own distinct smell and as oppose to smell like a rotten egg, smelling fresh is way attractive. 

CAPTION: Try to look and smell fresh whenever you're around your SOURCE: American Live Wire

With fresh, we mean your natural aroma, not the artificial perfume. If you want to smell good without perfume and deodorant, try not to use T-shirts more than 3 times and 2 times if you sweat a lot. 

5.) Become James Bond

Stalking is bad, yes we admit. But stalking your crush will make you ahead of the crowd. Find out where they are going on their weekends, they like, do they have any passion and what not. 

CAPTION: Yoko Ono wife of John Lennon stalked him SOURCE: Quick Meme

Follow them on their social media account. He/She might have a celebrity crush so find that out and try to know why do they have a crush on the particular celebrity? 

4.) Good Friend With Your Crush's Best Friend

No one knows your crush more than their best friend. In order to get close to your crush, first, impress their best friends. Become their good friend. 

CAPTION: Became good friends with your crush's best friend SOURCE: Pinterest

It's like a step towards your crush's heart. The best friend will divulge all sorts of secrets regarding your crush. They will even help you out with setting up your first date. 

So go ahead and first get to know them before knowing your crush. 

3.) Be Confident Around Your Crush

They say 'Alpha' attracts the most number of people solely because they know what they are doing, everyone follows them because they are an inspirational leader. 

CAPTION: Be confident and made them fall for your charisma SOURCE: Beta News

Next time, before speaking think about it beforehand because you don't want to blabber wrong things in front of your crush. 

The last thing you want is to look unattractive by becoming a chatterbox who speaks without reason. 

2.) Strategic Planning

Devising small strategies here and there will eventually lead you somehow close to your objective. The objective of making your crush fall in love with you. 

CAPTION: Plan your next step and become confident in your skills SOURCE: Wattapad

It's not rocket science to plan your timing before your crush comes just so you can surprise them. Planning about what you're going to talk once you approach them is vital. 

You don't want to just stand there ideally and stare at them while they move on. It won't work and honestly, it's unattractive. 

1.) Learn To Flirt

Flirting is one of those techniques that most of the guys or girls tend to forget. If you don't make your intention clear, then surely you'll fall into the deep depths of friend zone. 

CAPTION: Learn to flirt and make your intention clear first-hand SOURCE: Learning Flirty

We're sure many of you might've fallen into that category. So next time if you want to avoid being called I Love You but as a friend, then make your intention clear beforehand. 

In terms of girl, they love guys who are confident and direct as opposed to reserved or shy. So next time you're with your crush, try to flirt with her and make your intention clear. 

These are seven ways by which you can surely make your crush fall in love with you. There are a lot of other ways but if stick by this seven, you're sure to get lucky.