Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen Dies In Jail At 72

News by Joey Jordan Published on 13 May,2018 Updated on 14 May,2018

British Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen, Who Was Convicted Of At Least 6 Murders Dies At 72 In London Jail

  • Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen has died.
  • The former civil servant, who was convict of at least six murders and two counts of attempted murder was found dead in jail-he was aged 72.
  • He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983.
  • The serial killer used to kill the homosexual and homeless men and later dismember their body parts and bury in his garden. 

British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who executed at least 15 murders of young men during 1970s and '80s has died in prison in London. He was aged 17 at the time of his death.

The former civil servant killed and dismembered many of his victims at his home in Muswell Hill North London during his murderous spree lasting years.

CAPTION: British serial killer Dennis Nilsen died in jail SOURCE: P Interest

Nilsen, who was convicted of total six counts of murder and two attempted murder, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983; served a minimum of 25 years in jail before taking his last breath.

According to the reports from the authorities, Nilsen died of the natural causes. A spokesman for the prison said,

Dennis Andrew Nilsen, date of birth November 23, 1945, died in custody at HMP Full Sutton on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

The spokesman continued,

As with all deaths in custody, there will be an independent investigation by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.

According to TMZ, most of his victims were homosexuals and tramp who he would invite to his home from bars across the London. After inviting them to his house, he would provide them with full of food and alcohol before killing them.

He used to dismember many of his victims and bury at two addresses in Muswell Hill, North London. His crimes were detected only after he tried to flush his drain outside his home in Cranley Gardens.

CAPTION: Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen died at 72 in jail SOURCE: The Telegraph

10 years after he was sentenced, the Scottish murderer told in an interview how he enjoyed caring for the dead bodies, dressing and undressing them and ultimately cutting them off. Nilsen said,

The bodies are all gone. There is nothing left. But I still feel a spiritual communion with these people.

Born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Dennis Nilsen was a former police officer and had previously worked as a butcher.