Serena Williams || Professional Tennis Player

News by Sahra Mishra Published on 03 Jul,2014 Updated on 03 Jul,2014

Serena Williams is a very renowned name in the world tennis arena. The full name of Serena Williams is Serena Jameka Williams. Born on 1981 September 26 at United States, she is an American professional tennis player. She is currently the world’s number one in women’s singles tennis. She has been the number one in world’s singles tennis for the six times. She became world’s number for the first time in 2002 July 8 and for the sixth time in 2013 February 18. She is one of the most regarded female tennis players in the history. She is the only female athlete to win prize money of over 50 million US Dollars. Serena Williams is the current champion of US Open, WTA Tour Championships and Olympic ladies singles. She is currently playing in Wimbledon Tournament held in Wimbledon, England that runs from June 23 to July 6 2014.

Serena Williams is known for her the powerful and consistent serve, return of serve and forceful ground strokes.  Serena is also well known for her mental toughness and her ability to come back to the play in the match after improbable conditions. Serena Williams has the height of 1.75 m and has the weight of 70 kg. She is well known for her unusual and colorful outfits off the court. Also, she just looks appalling when she dresses in the tennis outfits. She has also appeared on the television and provided her voice on animated shows. She is also a social activist working in different activities related to the social service. Serena had a big issue in late 2009, when her hot sexy strapless thong got slipped showing off her body part in a Barbados beach. Serena has been the on and off topic regarding the tennis as well as her regarding her outfits. There are many of her pictures in the internet in the swimsuit that shows her curves and cleavages. She has a very sexy booty as commented by many critics. There is detailed information on her in the wiki and one can also surf through different websites to learn about her more. There are lots of her pictures in the internet.