Scott Speedman Reveals What Turns Him on in a Girl, Talks About His Exes. Exclusive Details Here!

News by Saburo Published on 17 May,2017 Updated on 29 Jun,2017

Popular for playing Ben Covington in the coming-of-age drama series Felicity and a Lycan–Vampire named Michael Corvin in the gothic horror–action Underworld films, Scott Speedman is one of the heart-broken Hollywood actors, as it seems.

He goes from one to next girlfriend but never seems to settle. What are his some recent breakups? Is he dating anyone recently?

Speedman recently revealed a few personal things about himself; what turns him on, his sexiest and worst qualities. We have all the details right here!

Is Scott Speedman Possibly Single?

Scott Speedman was seen holding onto his garment bags as he went shopping at Paul Smith on September 15, 2016, in West Hollywood, California. Scott Speedman, 41, was joined by a female companion as they ran errands that day.

Scott Speedman gets some shopping done with a female friend  source:

Scott Speedman gets some shopping done with a female friend


 Reportedly, he was in New York to attend Esquire and CFDA’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s Party. Soon after, Speedman premiered his movie, The Animal Kingdom, at The Rose Room in Venice, California.

After this incident, he hasn't been publicly seen with anyone. However, Speedman has quite a long dating history.

Scott Speedman's biggest turn on and worst quality according to his exes 

Talking to Women's Health magazine, the actor who recently graced the covers with Outside Magazine, revealed that naturalness in a girl turns him on.

He shied away when asked about what he thinks is his sexiest quality, Speedman said one doesn't need to consider these things. And, he added that maybe not taking himself seriously is his sexiest quality.


Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

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When asked what he thinks his exes would say his most annoying habit was, Speedman answered that it would probably be his need for solitude, keeping things mysterious and always doing things on his own. Hmm! Could be a little tough dealing with such a guy, right?

But then just look how smokin' hot he is? Ready to put up with his need for solitude from time to time? Thought so!

Scoot Speedman's Girlfriend History, Which was his most recent public breakup

Speedman has had quite many public girlfriends over the years.  He was romantically linked to Felicity actress Keri Russell from 1999 to 2001. He was known to date Ashley Scott in 2007, the relationship lasted the same year. 

Camille De Pazzis and Scott Speedman  Source:

Camille De Pazzis and Scott Speedman


Scott started dating Teresa Palmer at beginning 2011. The couple broke up in October 2012. Scott Speedman confirmed the rumors when he was seen with Camille De Pazzis kissing and walking along a sandy beach in Hawaii together.

Scott and Camille met on the set of their new ABC show Last Resort. This relationship also couldn't last. They apparently broke up in 2014, the same year he was reported to hook up with Kirsten Wiig in September 2014.

Let's hope this heartthrob finds real love some way down the line!