Saudi Arabia Executes 37 Citizens Over Alleged Terrorism Offenses

News by Joey Jordan Published on 24 Apr,2019

Saudi Arabia Carried Out One Of The Biggest Single Day Execution-Beheaded 37 Alleged Criminals

  • On Tuesday, 23rd April, Saudi Arabia carried out one of its biggest group execution on a single day.
  • 37 criminals related to different terrorism-related crimes were beheaded.
  • The bodies of the executed and their severed heads were pinned to the pole in a belief that would be a warning to others.
  • The execution came just days after 4 ISIS gunmen killed while trying to attack Saudi security in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia executed 37 Saudi citizens on Tuesday, 23rd April for alleged terrorism-related crimes. The Asian nation executed the alleged criminals by beheading them all.

Moreover, it also pinned the executed body and the head of the Sunni extremist to a pole as a warning to others. Several outlets reported the group executions were likely to stoke further regional and sectarian fights between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

CAPTION: 37 terrorists executed in Saudi Arabia in one of its biggest executions on a single day SOURCE: Time Magazine

Tuesday's execution was the biggest in a single day in Saudi Arabia since 2016 when 47 alleged outlaws were killed. It comes days after four Islamic State gunmen died after they tried to attack a Saudi security building north of Riyadh.

One Saudi interior ministry said the executions were done in accordance with the sacred Islamic law, using language that indicated they were all beheadings.

It further claimed those who were executed had adopted extremist ideologies and formed terrorist groups with the motive of spreading the mayhem. ABC reported around 100 people have already been executed in Saudi Arabia only since the start of 2019.

CAPTION: Saudi Arabia executed 37 men on Tuesday SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile Amnesty International said 11 of the men executed were convicted of spying for Iran and were sentenced to death after a "grossly unfair trial." And 14 others were convicted of violent offenses.