Sari Lennick and No Country for Old Man

News by Clarence Published on 20 Apr,2016 Updated on 20 Apr,2016

Those mesmerizing eyes of Sari will startle you with the very first look. Sari who you ask? Well, I am talking about the Sari Lennick who acted in the Coen Brothers’ 2009 film A Serious Man. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She began her acting career mostly from theatre roles. Sari has appeared in various independent films and for her work in A Serious Man, she was nominated for the Gotham Award for the title Best Ensemble and she also bagged the Robert Altman Independent Spirit Award.

Now, the movie called No Country for Old Men is actually directed by the same directors of A Serious Man and Burn After Reading –the Coen Brothers (Joel Coen and Ethan Coen) and too much surprise, A Serious Man could as well be the just-found missing block to the not-as-yet announced ‘Existentialist Trilogy’. They make for a trilogy because clearly, No Country for Old Men says that the world is an uncertain and unforgiving place and the same thing is said by Burn After Reading but in a different way. Similarly, the movie starring Sari Lennick, A Serious Man contemplates on the same thing too.  

Furthermore, No Country for Old Men is a 2007 film based on the Corman McCarthy novel of the same name. The plot consists of a welder from Texas and a veteran of Vietnam who are manipulated by chance and greed, who eventually meet their fates.

Talking about Sari Lennick’s personal life and bio, her husband’s name is Alan and she has a son named Dylan. According to the wiki, she lives with her family in Los Angeles. Nothing has been heard about her having any affair or about her boyfriend neither does her biography mention anything about her salary and net worth. There are things people like to keep to themselves and we, among others, have to make peace with that.