Sara Eisen is going to married Matt Levine at New York

It has recently been revealed that the co-anchor of Worldwide Exchange, Sara Eisen is soon to get married to Matthew Levine. Her husband is the Managing Director of Bloomberg TV and this news about their impending marriage is sure to be a surprise to the fans of this pretty beauty. There was previous information that Sara had already been married but in reality, she is set to marry her fiancée on the 29th of May, 2016. Their marriage has been anticipated by the media tabloids.

Sara Eisen has established herself as the co-anchor of the hit television series Worldwide Exchange as well as for Squawk on the Street. The wedding is to take place in May in a beautiful place in New York. The couple met when Matthew worked as a News Editor for the CNBC and also held the position of a Senior Editor. Their romance started off when he joined the Bloomberg television on 2012. The beautiful beauty joined the CNC in December 2013 and started off as the co-anchor for the Squawk on the Street. She has recently been a s signed to work for Worldwide Exchange and has been extremely popular for her endeavors there.

They have been together since they met each other on the Bloomberg television and have managed to keep their personal lives pretty well hidden from the general public. Recently, however, they made it to the headlines after they revealed their relationship to the general public and have managed to make it out to the news tabloids that they will get married soon. The wedding will surely be a grand one with the couple being each others for the rest of their lives. They will surely make a good pair and an understanding husband and wife whose relationship will manage to become an inspiration for the people all across the world. 


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