CNBC's beautiful correspondent Sara Eisen is happy with her career and increasing net worth

News by Clarence Published on 26 Jul,2016 Updated on 23 Jul,2017

Sara Aliza Eisen known as Sara Eisen was born in early December of 1970's is a well-known journalist working for CNBC. The forty-six-year-old news anchor is well-established CNBC's host belonging to white ethnicity and belongs to American nationality.

Sara is a Graduate in Media and journalism from Medill School of Journalism and holds a master degree in arts from Northwestern University. The former reporter of Bloomberg is an excellent news presenter who is currently in contract with CNBC a successful new-york based news network. She is known for her appearances as a co-anchor in some of the best shows like Worldwide Exchange and Squawk on the Street. 

Sara Eisen's Career and Controversies

She started her career with Forex TV, and has been linked with Bloomberg and recently with CNBC. The continuous progress and restless hardworking have led her to gain the successful net worth 25 million dollars according to our sources.Our sources prove her salary as a host of CNBC is around thirty thousand dollars per month. Sara was once caught in a serious controversy because of her microphone malfunction.

She has accidentally flipped her skirt while she was covering live news. The controversy did not make her inferior though she continued with the show as if nothing happened. She came up for her next show even stronger than we all thought she would be.

Sara Married to Matthew Stone Levine

Her personal life was a mystery before she agreed to an interview for NewYork-times Sara who is 5 foot and 4 inches is wise enough to reciprocate her glamorous life with her personal life and shows a great balance between work life and personal life. She recently tied her knot with her former Bloomberg's managing editor and a social activist Matthew Stone Levine in 29th of may in 2016 in an event space named Weylin B. Seymour's situated in Brooklyn in the presence of her few family members and closest friends.

The two lovebirds were in a relationship from 2011  and they married each other after four years of being together. The wedding was not much of an extravaganza for it was silent and only special friends, as well as family kin, were invited.

Honeymoon in Four Season Resort

Sara went on exotic island resort situated in Thailand for her honeymoon named Four season Resort in Koh Sumai, her spending habit shows that she spends a lot of fortune in enjoying food in Exotic hotels in Newyork, and owns an exclusive range of phones from i-phone series and Blackberry.



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 It looks like CNBC pays her well enough to carry her luxurious life out in style.

Tweet from Sara on joining CNBC:

Thanks for covering @THR

Let's take a look at Her Net Worth

The network hired her from the famous business news channel called Bloomberg and she was very happy about it. She was paid a higher salary of $50,000 a month as her signing salary amount, She tweeted her fans and family about her new career in CNBC.

It is obvious that CNBC pays her well to live in the heart of New York, get to exotic locations and get married in style in a beautiful place. Our sources confirm she has a net worth of $25 Million.

She has joined the WWE network and is hosting events like Wrestle-Mania and afterburn which will further increase her salary. WWE network pays her $10000 per show which is two show a week and one event per 2 months which sums up to be around $1.40 hundred thousand per year. So her total yearly salary from CNBC and WWE sums up to be Seven Hundred and forty thousand dollars per year.