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Rob Stanley “Rob” Dyrdek is popularly known as Rob Dyrdek who was born on June 28, 1974. He is professionally a stake boarder, entrepreneur, and a reality star. Additionally, he is also an actor and a producer who is known for his character within the reality show named Rob and Big. He has additionally created various animated series. His nationality is American and he was born in Kettering, Ohio of United States. Currently, he is residing in Hollywood of California. He was additionally stated as one of the most influential stake boarders of all time. He is the son of Patty Dyrdek and gene.

As Rob was highly influenced by his father from his very early time. He was involved in sports during his early period at the age of 11. Similarly, at the age of 12, he got the sponsorship by the company and started his career as skateboarding. He created Alien workshop after his success as working with skateboarding. At the age of 16, he planned to forgo his high school and shifted towards California to continue his professional career within stake boarding. He also established a Doors Clothing company later transformed into DC shoes that also adopted additional support towards his career. 

Rob has her sibling sister named Denise, who helped him in every step of his life for the stringing of his career. After the very long affair with his girlfriend, he finally got engaged with Bryiana Noelle Floes within the year 2015, April 26. He proposed her girlfriend within Disneyland that was accepted by her girlfriend later. This couple is getting married soon and the state, there will be no any chances of divorce within their marital relationship. There are no any girlfriends till the date of Rob. Neither has he had any children. Both of them are successful within their career and planning for a long-term vision towards their success with their success in love life. Rob loves to spend quality time with his girlfriend during the free time. He loves traveling, reading books and hangs out with his friends often one a week for the refreshment. He also performed his sister wedding in December 2011. He has an excellent lifestyle that is accepted and copied by most of his fans. 

The height of this brilliant personality is 5 feet 7 inch tall. He has not been in any controversy till the date. And he has an excellent net worth. During the year 2011, his net worth is around 50 million American dollars that is in increasing order till the date.

Dyrdek is seen within the social media. He mostly prefers to use Twitter. He has thousands of followers and the high number of tweets. He is not found with his personal account within Facebook till the date.

by sanjeet, 13 Dec, 2015

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