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Richard James Hilfiger, simply known as Rich Hil, is an American alternative rapper, singer, actor, co-CEO of Young, Rich & Famous and owner of Heart Culture Clothing. He was born on March 28, 1990, in Manhattan, New York and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is also notable for being the son of famous fashion designer, Thomas Jacob “Tommy” Hilfiger, who is the founder of lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and his ex-wife, Susan Cirona.


Rich Hil was born in a rich family and was naturally a spoiled child. He grew up with three siblings: Ally, Sebastian, Kathleen, and Elizabeth and has a step-brother, Sebastian Thomas. He considers himself grown up in a “stuck-up” neighborhood as the “black sheep” of the family. However, nothing stopped him from making his own fame and becoming successful by his own works.

Rich Hil began writing and recording tracks at 13. His parents were always supportive of his rap efforts and even allowed him to take formative weekend trips to Philadelphia at age 15 with the family bodyguard to visit friends he’d made in the hip-hop community.


Rich Hil started his career as a rapper and has been steadily releasing mixtapes since 2007. His music gained attention when his singles Girls, Sounds & Colors and Trippy, both featuring Kid Cudi, made their way onto many hip hop blog sites. He grew up around famous rapper Jay-Z because of his father’s ties and considers him a big influence in his musical career. He also considers Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, The Rolling Stones, Nas and Marvin Gaye as his musical influences.

At the age of 19, Rich Hil was already working extremely hard. His songs are a mixture of hip-hop crooning and Lil Wayne-inspired growl rapping. In July of 2011, the underground rapper landed a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records. He had also posted a video online of him going to the label's New York City headquarters to sign the deal.


Rich Hil has an extremely tattooed body; one of his tattoos being the words “I love you, Dad” on the neck. He has a rebellious lifestyle and openly boasts about smoking weed all the time on twitter. His most famous mix-tapes are Candy Painted Coffins and SYLDD, which stands for ‘Support Your Local Drug Dealer’. The latter features artists such as The Weeknd and Leona Lewis. He was also found with a pound of a drug in the boot of his car in 2010 and had to go to rehab after the incident. 


In 2014, Rich Hil started dating famous singer and X-factor judge Rita Ora. Rich and his girlfriend, however, split up in July 2015. Three months later, he was arrested in Miami Beach after attacking bouncer who refused him and a friend entry into a club because of the clothes his friend was wearing. His net worth is currently unknown, but since his father’s net worth is 250 million dollars, we can a s sume that his net worth is in millions too.

by Bchrome, 16 Oct, 2016

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