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Renee McNichol, wife of actor Jimmy McNichol, entered the spotlight through her marriage to the renowned actor in 1997. The couple shares a family with two children: a son named Nash, born in late 1997, and a daughter named Ellis, born in late 1998.

Renee McNichol's birth name is Renee Nash. Despite her connection to the entertainment industry through her husband, publicly available information about Renee remains scarce.

Who Is Renee McNichol's Husband? 

Renee proudly shares her life with the immensely successful actor and musician, Jimmy McNichol. The couple's love story began in the late '90s when they met through mutual friends. Jimmy, enchanted by Renee, orchestrated a romantic proposal after years of dating, creating a moment every girl dreams of.

Renee McNichol and her husband Jimmy McNichol posing with their kid. SOURCE: glamourpath

On bended knee, Jimmy sought her agreement, and Renee, undoubtedly captivated, joyfully accepted. In 1997, surrounded by family and close friends, they formalized their love through marriage, solidifying a union that had blossomed through shared moments and grand gestures.

How Rich Is Renee McNichol's Husband?

Jimmy McNichol, a prominent American actor, boasts a net worth of $2 million. His foray into the entertainment industry commenced at the age of seven with a Band-Aids commercial, marking the beginning of a successful career in commercials.

Making the transition to TV and film at the age of twelve, Jimmy secured guest-starring, recurring, and co-starring roles in notable shows such as "General Hospital," "Gunsmoke," "The Fitzpatricks," "The Love Boat," and "V.R. Troopers." With a dual career as an actor and musician, he has established himself as a multifaceted talent in the industry.

Renee McNichol Has Two Kids

Jimmy McNichol's spouse Renee McNichol embraces the role of a mother to two children, Nash and Ellis McNichol. Nash entered the world in 1997, the same year Renee and Jimmy McNichol exchanged vows. Ellis, their daughter, followed suit a year later in 1998, completing their family.

Renee McNichol's stepdaughter Kelly Maize posing for a photoshoot. SOURCE: Flickr

Additionally, Renee assumes the role of a stepmother to Kelly Maize, Jimmy's long-lost daughter from a previous relationship with an unknown woman. This extended family dynamic adds layers of connection and love to Renee's maternal responsibilities.

Renee McNichol's Sister In Law Is Kristy McNichol

Upon marrying the love of her life, Renee McNichol found not just a husband but also gained Kristy McNichol as her cherished sister-in-law. The bond between them was strong, with Kristy's humor bringing joy to Renee's life through laughter and shared moments.

Kristy McNichol, a multifaceted talent recognized as an actress, singer, producer, and comedian, adds another layer of celebrity connection to Renee's life. Kristy's impressive career is underscored by the pride of having earned two Emmy Awards, a testament to her outstanding acting prowess. Currently, Kristy is in a relationship with Martie Allen.

Renee McNichol's Spouse Career An An Actor & Singer

Jimmy McNichol, known not only for his acting but also for his musical pursuits, released the album "Kristy and Jimmy McNichol" in 1978. Adding a musical dimension to his career, he contributed as a performer in the band Wizard King.

McNichol's presence extends to both the small and big screens, with notable film appearances including "Sunshine" (1973), "Mister America" (2019), and "Champions: A Love Story" (1979). His TV journey commenced with the role of Robbie in "Run, Joe, Run" (1974), while his recent portrayal was as Dracula's son in "Decker: Unsealed" (2017).

Physical Appearance of Renee McNichol's Husband

Jimmy McNichol stands tall at 6 feet, his commanding presence complemented by a weight of 85 kg. His captivating features include deep brown eyes that add a distinctive charm to his persona.

These physical attributes, combined with his tall stature, contribute to Jimmy's compelling on-screen and stage presence. It makes him a notable figure in the entertainment industry.


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