Read What Hovac, The Mob Deep Member Has to Say about Partner Prodigys Death

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 22 Jun,2017 Updated on 17 Aug,2017

Mobb Deep duo Prodigy and Havoc charmed people with their sensational rap and unique hip hop.

When the news broke out of Prodigy’s death, his partner Havoc thought that was a rumor like one of many he has been listening to these days.

source: versedonline

 Not believing the news he even joked about it until he came to know the heartbreaking reality hours later.

 After his death was confirmed, Havoc spoke to the media and told TMZ that on Sunday he went to Las Vegas where Prodigy was hospitalized. Prodigy was battling sickle cell for 28 years.

 When he thought his death was just another rumor on Tuesday he took it lightly. He said, "I was really laughing, to be honest with you."

 But when he called their road manager, his information shocked Havoc after he knew that the death news was true.

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Havoc made the call while driving from his 5-year-old son's kindergarten graduation. He stated, "I could've crashed with my kids in the car." Prodigy will always be remembered for with their music. Havoc says, "I'm still f**ked up. I can't listen."