Read This Review If You Are Planning To Watch War for the Planet of Apes

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 28 Jun,2017 Updated on 16 Aug,2017

All set to release on July 14 this year, the science fiction drama has created excitement among fans.

 With previous prequels rise of the planet of apes and down of the planets of apes this time there is going to be a war for the planet of apes.

source: gizmodo

Yes, Ceaser, the ape has declared a war against humans.

Interestingly the movies prequels captured Si-fi, emotions and a different level of perception of apes and science. Well, this time it’s going to be bigger than ever as reviewed by Todd McCarthy from the Hollywood reporters.

source: appletrailers

He writes, “The sheer beauty of the film is intense.” Praising the visuals and cinematographer Michael Seresin he called the visuals ‘intoxicating’.

Read his review here:

"One of the great merits of the screenplay by Mark Bomback, who co-wrote the previous entry and shares credit on this one with director Matt Reeves, is that it takes all the characters' views, grievances, and aspirations seriously. Although investment in Caesar's and the apes' cause is assumed and tacitly encouraged, the film doesn't insist that they are right and everyone else is intrinsically evil."

Well, we definitely cannot wait to watch this war.