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Raymond Cruz was born in July 9, 1961 and he is an American actor belonging as his professional identity. Raymond was born in Los Angeles, California of United States who is now 54 years old in his age. The active years of Raymond started from the year 1987 and within the present context his hard work and sincerity has made him to gain good feedback. Raymond is remembered with the character of Detective Juilo Sanchez within the popular television series named The Closer. Additionally within Breaking Bad as well he presented himself as drug lord Tuco Salamanca which was also the status of his appreciation. Raymond some of the best working of him also includes Major Crimes were also he was portrayed with the character of Sanchez. Raymond background is Mexican ancestry as well as he is good in speaking English and Spanish.

Raymond was mostly involved within the gang activity in his community as this made him to get influenced in roles and various characters in the films. Raymond also has a huge contribution within American literature this made him to avoid the gangs. The most appreciated roles of Raymond is listed in Clear and present Danger where he was portrayed as Ding Chavez. He gave his best presentation during the very time and he was offered with some other roles like Tuco Salamanca within Breaking Bad as the list of the best act he has ever undertaken. Raymond mostly is portrayed as the roles of soldiers in his movies. Blood In Blood Out of the year 1994 according to him is dictated as the most challenging performance he has ever done. 

Cruz is limited with small surroundings of people. Therefore, his personal bio is limited to small circle of people. There is no any indication about his spouse and the person whom he got married though he is a married man. In the college days he was dictated of having an affair with his cla s s mate but he did not properly agreed with the very fact. Raymond does not love interacting with media properly. Cruz is also mentioned to be the father of children as because he has sometimes spotted in the school of his residence. He has never been into controversy and rumors yet. Cruz is not gay and there is no any question about this fact. Cruz dictated he takes time to socialize with the new group of people whom he met.

Cruz height is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He holds American nationality and his ethnicity is not mentioned yet. Cruz' net worth is around 2 million American dollars, approximately.

Cruz is mostly searched in twitter with thousands of followers. And additionally he is also an active instagram user these days. 

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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