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Raya Encheva is a Bulgarian YouTube video blogger. Encheva has her own YouTube channel, RayaWasHere. She uploads various videos on her channel enhancing lifestyle and travels.

Encheva is not married yet. However, she is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Louis Cole, who too is a travel vlogger.

Early Life and Education

Raya Encheva was born on 28th September 1992 in Ruse, Bulgaria under the birth sign, Libra. Encheva is Bulgarian as per nationality and as far as her ethnicity is concerned, she is Caucasian.

Encheva completed her schooling at Milton Academy. Later, she earned a degree in social-cultural studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. After her graduation, she moved to the US along with her family.


Raya Encheva always hated 9-5 jobs so, she decided to spend time working on herself. She was never fond of regular jobs and instead, she created her own YouTube channel, RayaWasHere.

Encheva posted several videos related to traveling and lifestyles. She also posted several videos with her friends and boyfriend on her channel. Raya Encheva uploaded her first video 3 years ago titled, Exploring China With Louis. The video gained over 62k views.

As of now, her YouTube channel has over 170k subscribers with thousands of views.

Personal Life

Raya Encheva is not married and has no children either. Echeva is in a relationship with her boyfriend for past 3 years who might soon turn into her husband, Louis Cole. Her boyfriend is a YouTube personality and an English film-maker. He has his own YouTube channel, Food For Louis, where he uploads videos related to food and travel.

The pair travels various places and spends quality times together. Even after years of relationship, they aren't in a hurry to get married and to have children.

Net Worth

Raya Encheva might have an estimated net worth of thousands of dollars. However, the exact amount is not made official yet.

Encheva earns $814-$13k yearly from her YouTube channel, RayaWasHere. Whereas, her boyfriend earns $7.1k-$113.4k yearly from his YouTube channel, FunForLouis.

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