Rachel Levin a YOUTUBE star famous in channel Rclbeauty101

News by Bartle Published on 11 Dec,2015 Updated on 11 Dec,2015

YouTube star and a popular icon Rachel Levin won her popularity and famous with her personal channel Hclbeauty 101. This channel basically consists of comedy skits, beauty life styles and video blogs. Her popularity is increasing order. That unique style of video, presentation and sexy looks grabs the attention of number of people’s across. Having more than 5 million subscribers she states, Wow that is unbelievable. With the help of her 3 siblings she started her career.

After she published her video 500K Subscriber Giveaway she increased her popularity. Then the time there is not any circumstances that made her to look back. She states, just focus on your destination and do what your heart says. This is the secret of my achievements so far. That very video got 600k subscriber by the time. Additionally, the reason for her popularity is also because of her association within Birthday Swap that came across in 2014, March 5. She was with BeautybySiena.

During the preliminary time Rachel used to make video just for fun and collaboration with her friends. Later, her friends suggested her to upload it on the YouTube channel. She is amazed to say, “I never thought of the popularity that I gained now. I thought that was just for the fun by that time. But now I am amazed that I am a star. During the free time besides her work and her studies Rachel loves travelling a lot. She loves to spend her time with her friends and siblings travelling new places across along with tasting new food and adventure. She states, her credit goes all to her friends who helped her to gain the success and rich the higher level.

Rachel video provides information and it’s interesting to watch at the same time. She loves to try new things so that she can provide spice to her channel. According to the hidden sources Rachel is not married and searching for a partner who belongs with her nationality. Her net worth itself is an attractive sum of amount; she further states she is now prepared for an affair. She is searching for a partner who understands her and accepts her for who she is. Her popularity might not affect her relationship as according to her. She looks beautiful in every of the outfits she tries. Her sexy figure and long legs, suits her in every of the outfit. It can also be seen within her YouTube channel. Well! Anyone interested to date her can make a try also.

You might be surprised to hear, Rachel loves short boys in height. For her, height is not the matter of concern. She is in need of an understanding man, who can tolerate her naughtiness, craziness and silly mistakes. We wish you very good luck for this Rachel.