Psalm Isadora Biography

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Facts of Psalm Isadora
Date of Birth: 1974 , September-17
Date of Death: 2017 , March-26
Age: 47 years old
Birth Nation: United States of America
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inch
Name Psalm Isadora
Birth Name Psalm I Brother
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Mendocino County, California
Ethnicity American-Indian
Profession sex and relationship guru, tantric yoga teacher, entrepreneur
Famous for Shakti, Cougar Club LA, Modern Sex
Children Gabriel Valdez
TV Show Cougar Club LA
Siblings Dane Brother
Died March 26, 2017
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Psalm Isadora was a relationship guru, tantric yoga teacher, and an entrepreneur who passed away at age 42. Psalm transcended her abusive childhood and promiscuous youth and became a sexual healer and a relationship expert who coached celebrities and ordinary people alike on human sexuality, intimacy, and relationships.

Psalm Isadora's Death Ruled As Suicide

While outwardly, things seemed to be going well for Psalm, something was gnawing inwardly at her. Her abusive childhood and her proclivity towards depression still haunted her. Her struggles led her to be diagnosed as bi-polar, but she insisted on self-medicating with Xanax and alcohol instead of using lithium.

Ultimately, Psalm succumbed to depression and passed away on March 26, 2017; she was 42 at the time. According to the Los Angeles Coroner's Office, the official cause of death has been ruled as suicide, but the case is still under observation Santa Monica Police Department.

It is speculated that the suicide was triggered by a depressive episode brought forth by her simultaneous attempts at quitting using Xanax, caffeine, and alcohol all at once. The unsupervised Xanax withdrawal what is said to have pushed her over the edge.

Came From A Broken Home

Psalm I Brother, most widely known as Psalm Isadora, was born on September 17, 1974, in Mendocino County, California, to an Indian-American household. She was brought up on the inhibitions of a fundamentalist Christian cult where pleasures of the flesh were forbidden and taboo. Apart from being sexually repressed, she was also sexually assaulted by her biological father from age five.

At age seventeen, Psalm broke free of the cult and her abusive father, but the damage had already been done. Due to her being objectified at a very young age as well as being bottled-up sexually, she spent her 20s in a haze of drugs and meaningless sex.

Was A Physical Relationship Healer And Coach

Psalm made a breakthrough when she learned yoga and eventually became a yoga teacher in Hollywood. She was mentored by Saul David Raye and Master Zi in the arts of yoga. She further learned Native American Medicine and Sufi practices with Mutlu Baba on her visit to Turkey. Her flair for entrepreneurship also landed her a marketing and design job at Frontier Herbs, Pacific Sensuals, and Natrol.

In 2007, she further made a breakthrough when she traveled to India to learn about the ancient techniques of Shakti Tantra Yoga. Under the tutelage of former nuclear physicist turned tantra teacher, Sri Amritananda, Psalm learned to embrace her femininity and to be free of the shackles that society puts on sexuality.

Late Psalm Isadora during her time in India SOURCE: TheHindu

Having learned all there was to learn, she continued traveling to India for eight years to rehabilitate sex-trafficked women through tantric yoga in the red-light district of Kolkata. A documentary titled Shakti was released in 2011 that chronicled her work in Kolkata.  

Psalm charisma catapulted her into the limelight, and she soon became a multi-million dollar mogul imparting her teachings through online courses on her website, TV shows, and live events. She has her own line of unique body care products such as the Body Tea Line and the Mini Mistress.

Her work did not go unnoticed, and she soon became a celebrity in Hollywood teaching yoga to stars such as Catherine Deneuve and Gabrielle Anwar, among many others, and has her own cult following.

She gained further recognition for her appearances in the reality TV series Cougar Club LA and the BuzzFeed series Modern Sex.

She is also the creator of OYoga technique which means a combination of belly dancing, burlesque, and yoga. In the documentary series, This Is Life she has appeared alongside  Lisa Ling.

Psalm Isadora’s Website Was Her Legacy

Psalm Isadora's net worth was $1 million during her last days.

A vast majority of her wealth came from her multi-million dollar empire. Her legacy was her website, which provides online courses, finding personalized coaches as well as selling her range of body products.

Her roles in reality TV series Cougar Club LA and BuzzFeed’s Modern Sex also bolstered her income.

Psalm Isadora Was A Single Mother To Gabe

Psalm is survived by her beloved son Gabriel Valdez and her brother Dane Brother. She was a single mother and had publicly stated that being a single mother provided the impetus for her to get her life together.

The late Psalm Isadora and her son Gabe SOURCE: Facebook

She also had a legion of devoted followers, friends, and well-wishers who followed her. Most of them are people who she had rehabilitated in her lifetime.


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